Aloha Friday. Heat

If you’ve never heard of it, it started over on An Island Life.

I ask a question….I answer it….and then you answer it too!
Sound like fun?
So, for this week’s question:
Q: What is the temperature you leave your heat on? What do you use to heat your home?

A: Normally we are a 64-66 degree home but since we got back from FL we’ve been keeping it on 70. A few nights when we thought the power would go off we had it a bit higher, just in case.
We use gas to heat. We were oil & wood stove before the fire. Of course now we don’t even use candles for a flame and I wanted a gas stove in the kitchen and so when we rebuilt we lined the house for gas instead of heat.

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  1. Corrie says

    I like to keep it between 68-70. However, when I get home from work after hubby’s been home all evening he usually has it set between 76-78…TOO HOT!

  2. robin says

    It’s been tragically cold here and we are nearly out of propane – so at the moment we are set at 52* so the pipes don’t freeze and we are using space heaters. {We could have the propane filled but don’t want to fork out the hundreds of $s right now and I don’t think the truck could get through the snow to our drive way to the tank anyway) Normally I think it’s at 62*.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. lol I had no idea so I had to look. We keep it on 70!

  4. We are keeping our’s set at 74 right now (normally it is not that high)! We use gas heat.

  5. Harriet says

    Yeah!!! Heat wave is on the horizon!!!!
    That translates into ABOVE freezing temps!

    Have a great day!

  6. I keep it between 66 – 67. Dh can’t stand it. In the mornings if it’s a frozen outside, I’ll turn it up to 70 to warm up and then turn it back to 67.

    We use a/c.

    I’m trying to save money. We use our blankets and jackets.

  7. Denise says

    Um, I am not sure

  8. Jennifer H says

    Around 70

  9. Deborah says

    We’re using a wood stove for heating right now so we don’t have a thermostat we set.

  10. We keep it at a toasty 68 lol but today at the library one of the librarians told me that she keeps her house at 62!!!! holy frozen feet!

  11. Rob says

    You went from 64-66 to 70. Did you see jump in your utility bill? We have gas heat and keep it on 68 all the time. Tried to go to 66 but I was to cold so I turned it back up to 68. LOL.

    Happy Friday!

  12. We keep it at 73? it’s freezing here and rather drafty so I need all the help I can get keeping myself and my feet warm.

  13. Mel says

    We have gas radiated heat and i can’t stand it! It is super expensive AND we have to keep our heat pretty high for it to stay warm. We fluctuate between 67-72.

  14. blueviolet says

    Usually 75 in the day and 65 at night. I like it COLD at night!

  15. We pretty much keep the house at 63 all of the time. When it is a really cold day outside we may turn it up to 65 to get the chill out a little more.

  16. Shar says

    Unfortunately, we have had to keep the heat down to 61 this year to help keep our costs down…last year we kept it at 68. And yes, it is very cold!

  17. I usually like to keep the temp between 65 and 70 (55-60 at night). We have gas heat for our house, though since it was built in 1817, when a furnace and duct work were installed, they ran them the three stories on the outside walls which doesn’t make it as efficient as it could be, so we also have a pellet stove in the living room. Hubby likes to turn it up – and I end up turning it down again when the temperature gauge hits 75…too hot for me! 🙂

  18. jeleighbean says

    I am going to show these replies to my dh. He cranks the heat to 70 constantly–hello, we live in AZ, it is not even cold here! It does get cold in our living room at times (it is all hardwood there), but he should stop falling asleep while watching TV there. We use electric and I turn it down to 68 (or just off when I realize it’s on), but he will turn it back on. I hate our bills right now, they should be next to nothing as we prepare for the high cooling costs we will incur this summer, but no…sigh.
    He has a freaking ceiling fan running as we speak. I know he will turn the heater on in a few hours still though. Retard.

  19. kailani says

    I guess for me the question would be what temperature I leave the A/C on? LOL!

    I usually have it on at around 70 degrees.

  20. rach says

    i have no idea what temperature it is, but the heating has been on full blast this winter!

  21. Jenny says

    We have our heat set at 68 all of the time. I do turn it down to 67before I go to bed, but have to put it back on 68 in the morning. It’s amazing how 1 degree can be so noticeable!

  22. Erica G says

    We keep ours at 68 or 70, depending on the weather outside. I live in Florida, so we don’t use it that much.

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