Wordless Wednesday 1999

High School Hubby & I
1999 Senior Prom

This one we’re even younger. We look like such dorks.

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  1. http://Katie says

    super cute! I love your dress!

  2. http://Candace says

    You guys are adorable!

  3. http://Karen says


  4. http://Aleksandra says

    Awww, how fun! I love seeing old pictures like these. I wish I had met my hubby in high school. We didn’t meet till late 2000.

  5. says

    Oh my goodness! You’re sooo young! I reminds me of Prince’s song! LOL

    • http://Jennifer says

      Prince’s song?

  6. http://Kate%20@%20The%20Shopping%20Mama says

    You look so young! Congrats on staying together for so long. 🙂

  7. says

    You both look so cute though!

  8. http://Jacqueline says

    Aww, you two were such a cute pair back then as you are now! I had to laugh at your type though: suck dorks. 😉

  9. http://Traci66 says

    Isn’t it funny how we look back and think we are funny looking. I think you both looked very nice.

  10. says

    Those are tooooooooooooooooo great!!! Love those pics! You two were made for each other! And look at you! You always were a hottie! You go girl!!! Thanks for the linky too!

  11. says

    Oh, my goodness . . . you two were just babies!

  12. says

    Too cute! I graduated in1998!

    • http://Jennifer says

      Hubby did too 😉

  13. http://Stefany%20T says

    So cute!

  14. says

    Will you buy me a corsage like the one you have one when I see you in the Spring? I promise not to smash cake in your face…… too much. *snort* I love the pics!!!

  15. says

    The last photo screams Adam Sandler. I don’t know why. lol

    • http://Jennifer says

      Most say McLovin 😉

  16. http://Emilie says

    I can see Adam Sandler too. Hehehehe

    Love the pics. You are so cute!

  17. http://Cari%20S. says

    Too cute!!

  18. http://Tiffany says

    How fun to look back. You look so pretty in that prom picture. 🙂

  19. says

    I never thought I’d be looking back at pictures and laughing like I did with my parents’ photos – you know you are aging when….

    Have a great week!


  20. says

    awww young love. SO sweet to still be with your High School Sweetheart. Many Blessings.

  21. http://Marilyn%20@%20A%20Lot%20of%20Loves says

    That’s amazing that you guys have been together for so long.

  22. http://Deborah says

    I don’t think you look like dorks at all. Cute pics!

  23. says

    Very cute that you have such old photos together!

  24. http://Nichol says

    How fun to look back….they are very cute photos:)

  25. says


  26. http://Julie%20@Momspective says

    Oh that makes me miss high school 🙂

  27. says

    We are the same age! I graduated in 1999 too!

  28. http://Lynn says

    Ya’ll look great, not dorky at all. Happy Wednesday!

  29. says

    You guys were so cute!

    • http://Jennifer says

      Hey, you sayin’ I’m not cute anymore? lol

  30. says

    I always think my hubster and I look like such dorks in our old pictures too. LOL Isn’t it funny to look back?

  31. http://blueviolet says

    You guys have always been cute! Still are!

  32. http://Kasandria says

    OMG Look how adorable you too are!
    Happy WW!

  33. http://Laura%20Harrison says

    I like your pics. I don’t think you look like dorks. (much)
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  34. says

    Awww! Those are such fun pictures 🙂

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