FurReal Friends- The Newborn Series

Does your child love animals? Want a pet? I have the perfect gift idea for you! FurReal Friends are cute little animals that want to be taken care of and fed! They talk, move, and eat! They’ll make a great new friend for your little one. Out of the packaging they’d even be cute peeking out of the top of a stocking!

Features Newborns need lots of love and attention and this newborn penguin figure is no different! Cuddle up close with this fuzzy little fellow and “feed” him from his bottle accessory – he’ll open his beak and make “eating” sounds! Then, it’s back to playtime and lots of snuggling until he’s “hungry” again. How will you know? He’ll flap his wings and “ask” for his bottle. This little one just can’t get enough of spending time with you!  Penguin figure comes with bottle accessory.  Includes 3 “AAA” batteries.  Ages 4 and up.

I wasn’t so sure about this little critter who got delivered to my doorstep. He is called a FurReal Newborn Penguin. He is a part of the whole new newborn collection. At first I was going to give it to Gavin but didn’t really think it was his thing, then thought maybe my niece. Then I pulled it out and had it sitting near my computer and when Gavin saw it he snatched him right up! He thought he was “soooooo cute”. While he loved that you feed him with a bottle he actually loves feeding him one of his fingers! When the penguin holds on and flaps his wings. He chirps, moves, and even gulps. It’s definitely been a hit! Having him be a penguin definitely makes it great for both a boy or a girl too!

They have all different kinds of animals! A lamb, piglet, bunny, kitty, doggy, and more! Make sure to visit the FurReal website and check out all the animals!

You can purchase the FurReal Friends Newborn Penguin as well as other the other newborns for just $14.99! They are available directly from their site as well as many major chain stores.

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  1. Christina Bell says

    Awwww… These are adorable!

  2. Jenny says

    Those are cute.

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