Fun Halloween At Home Craft – Recycled Skeleton’s

Looking for a fun craft?
Meet Johnny & Gavin:

Wanna make your own? Click HERE to get the complete directions from Family Fun.

Heads up. You’ll ruin a pair of scissors for EACH skeleton so use cheap ones. Cutting plastic is hard on them. Worth it though! These rock!

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  1. Jennifer Crum says

    I saw one of these hanging on someone’s tree the other week, very cute idea!

  2. Mellisa says

    These are so good! You guys did a great job!

  3. The skeletons are SO cute! Thanks for sharing! I think we will be crafty and make a few ourselves.

  4. blueviolet says

    OMG!!!! I made those before with my kids!

  5. Oh my gosh No way these are SOOOoooooo Cute. Great Job. i’ll have to check that out

  6. jeleighbean says

    I have a Family fun book that is halloween themed with this exact craft in it 🙂 Those turned out really cute

  7. nan lara says

    those came out really cool..great for hanging in a tree in the yard near the door

  8. Tamara Chewning says

    Those are adorable! I’ll have to remember that idea to do with my daughter next year!

  9. G K says

    I love these! We always have a ton of plastic bottles we recycle, and this is a great use for them.

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