Pedipeds Protected Gavin From A Broken Foot! Dr. Recommended! Review!

Pediped Footwear have been the the main shoes Gavin has been wearing for the past 1.5 years. In that time we are just starting on our third pair of shoes. Pediped Footwear shoes are incredibly well made and last longer then your child will fit in them. Last year Gavin was able to wear the Jake Flex Shoes and they lasted the entire year.

Flex Fit System – pediped Flex® offer a unique fit system. Each pair comes with an additional 2mm insole to customize the fit so it just right for each child. If the child starts with both insoles, as the child’s feet grow the additional insoles may be removed to extend the length of time the child can wear the shoes.

That help from the Flex Fit System lets you get that extra bit of use out of your shoes that other shoes can’t give you. This along with their quality will help you get through with buying less shoes over time putting money back in your pocket.
All summer long (and still) Gavin wore the Joel sandals. These shoes probably received more abused then any shoe Gavin has ever worn before. They went through puddles, dirt, sand. They went through every state in New England. These shoes let him run and play without tripping or hurting any of his toes.
Oh, and did I mention they were washable? They stayed fairly clean overall he put them through. They only had to be washed once after running into swampy water. They held up great and he’s still wearing them!
Now that school is back in session and the warmer days are far and few between we needed to have back up shoes to the sandals! Of course we both loved the Jake shoes so much that this school year they are back! The velcro straps make them easy enough for him to put them on and take off on his own. This gives him a proud feeling of independence at school as all children are required to do this on their own.
Not to mention they are completely function and stylish. They match all his outfits and look great with jeans. They look like they have laces and unless you see the top of the shoes you’d never know they weren’t.
Remember last week when I shared with you that Gavin took a really bad fall that had me rushing him off to the hospital? His Dr. was really concerned that he broke one of the main bones in the front of his foot. It turns out he just had a bruised bone and only required a few days off his feet. His Dr. also asked me what kind of shoes he was wearing at the time of the fall and I pulled these brown Jake shoes out of his bag and he said that I can “count my lucky stars he had those on!” and said Pedipeds were his favorite shoe because of their quality and overall features they provide. When I visited the site I realized these shoes had a feature called the “heel cushion”.

Heel Cushion – Shock absorbing cushions on each heel protect against impact and distribute pressure through-out the foot.

{First day of school}

You can purchase both the blue and brown Jake Shoes directly from the Pediped website for $49 and the Joel Sandals for $30 as well!

When you think about $49 in shoes for one school year that’s a good deal. Knowing it saved me hundreds in the hospital is a great deal. Saving Gavin from a broken foot and weeks of pain- priceless! Thank you Pediped!

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