Ham & Cheese Panini’s Recipe

Since I gave you my review of the The Evolve™ Grill and teased you with my Ham & Cheese Panini’s I thought I should probably share it with you guys too! I have actually been doing uite a bit of baking and cooking lately! It’s been lots of fun!First you’ll need a good loaf bread. I bought mine in the bakery dept. It’s a roasted garlic bread with olive oil.

Some small ham steaks. I’m fond of the Cook’s Ham brand myself. I also got some cheddar and provolone cheese slices.
Slice your bread into slices before you start cooking. Once you get going it moves along pretty quickly.
I have this thing for fire roasted sweet red peppers these days. They are really cheap and easy to find.
I dump them out into a plate so I can grab at them easily while I’m cooking. Careful to not literally dump them out as there are liquids in the jar as well. Keep a knife handy to cut up the big ones.
Place your ham steaks on the grill. Since they are precooked you aren’t really cooking them but more just warming them up. Once you see the grill marks on them pull them off. Cut them in half.
I then take half a piece of cheddar, half a piece of ham, and some pepper, then half a piece of provolone and layer them. Then the top piece of bread.
Close the grill or panini press over the sandwiches until you see grill marks again.
These are so good! Since they are fairly small you can eat several. It’s a healthy tasty meal your entire family will love. My kids love panini night!
I used the George Foreman The Evolve™ Grill. You could also use the Cuisinart Griddler or even a grill pan with a press!

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  1. stephanie muth says

    I tried this for lunch it was a absolute delight thank you.

  2. Tania says

    These look yummy I might try making these soon I have a ton of swiss cheese leftover from another meal we made so I might make some ham & swiss paninis thanks!! 🙂

  3. this looks delicious!!! I am saving it right now!! 🙂

  4. Amanda says

    Okay, seriously, these look so yummy! My husband is always asking about making paninis one night…especially since we have a sandwich maker too. Will have to give this a shot. Have you ever tried anything besides roasted red peppers? My husband hates them unfortunately (thought I love them!).

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