My Super Mario Brother Cake for Gavin’s Birthday Party

I received several emails asking what I did for the cake part of Gavin’s Mario Brothers party. I have to tell you I didn’t really do anything creative. We got back from vacation the day before his party and there really wasn’t much time for baking. I had offered to make him cupcakes but he really wanted a “big cake”.Here is the final cake. I was a little annoyed because I did a photo cake and they did take it upon themselves to cut and crop my photo. Especially since they couldn’t even manage to cut it evenly. But what do you do with only an hour to the party?

Here is the original photo. Amazon sells a bunch of great supplies and one of the items are these fun placemats. The backs have games and crossword puzzles, etc. Gavin loved them and said that it was what he wanted on his cake.
Even though I was upset with the cake. Gavin was in so pleased!
I know it probably wasn’t what you were hoping. Especially with all that rockinWilton Cake Decorating I learned. However,
if you aren’t talented enough to make one…which truly I’m not…this is a great option! Find great Mario Birthday Party Supplies here.

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