– Tropical Wave Water Slide by Kidwise Review is one of my favorite companies. I have three bounce houses from them and all of them are quality made, durable, and provide hours of fun. I recently spoke with them regarding quality control of their amazing bounce houses and did you know that every single bounce house is brought to a sharp free room, blown up, checked over, and then packaged right there to ensure that you get a quality made inflatable bouncer.They don’t just sell bounce houses but they also sell water slides too!
If your in the commercial market you must check out their huge selection of commercial bounce houses & commercial water slides.But today I’m sharing with you the Tropical Wave Water Slide by Kidwise.

Do you like slip ‘n’ slides? This is like the ultimate slip ‘n’ slide. You get the maximum effect the super rush of the slide and the large splash from the pool of water!
My little one thinks the sprayers are the best. They are meant to keep the double slides wet at all times but he has a blast pointing the sprayers at his brother to give him a good soak down. As you can see these don’t trickle water but give a great full stream water soak down.
I really like that they put the climbing ramp not only in the front but in the middle as well. This allows us to see the kids at all times. With the height of the slide I wouldn’t want Gavin climbing up the back since it would be hard for me to keep an eye on both sides. With the ramp in the middle it also provides safety to the boys because this is the only time on the slide they are in a somewhat standing position. If for any reason they fall to one side they will be caught by the water slides on both sides.
See the little bump in the middle?
Johnny insists that it helps speed him to the bottom. I don’t know if that is true or not but it definitely adds to the fun.
As you can see this is one extreme slide. The slide itself is 10.5 feet high! There is netting between the three sides on the top so the kids don’t just fall off the top.
Since it is such a high water slide they do need to do things for safety purposes. There should only be 1-2 kids (100 lbs or less). I have pushed the limits and let three kids play on it at once and I can see why they limit it to two. Too much weight on top will cause the slide to slightly sway. These water weight are great at keeping it grounded. Simply fill them up and use the durable and sturdy buckles to lock them in place.
It also comes equipped with stakes that you use to also pin it down into the ground to hold it down and keep it in place. With the boys plunging as fast as they can to the bottom I want to make sure it stays put.
Speaking of plunging…
Doesn’t this splash area look refreshing?
As you can see the bigger the splash the happier my boys are. Since their are water lines all around the water slide it never runs out of water!
If the kids need a quick break grab the water ball that is included with your purchase and throw some hoops. I think this was a great idea since the wall of the inflatable slide is there anyways. I love products that make the most of the unused space.
The blower on this bounce house is top notch. It is easy to turn on and off with one simple button. My kids actually love being the ones to do it. The blower also comes with a 1 year free of manufacturing defects.
If you are sick of this super hot summer and looking for a great way to cool off with the comfort of home this is the way to go. You can use it year after year and it will more then pay for itself. I’ve heard that they don’t last long but this is my second summer with their Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park by Blast Zone and it is still just as nice with no problems at all!
I wanted to show you just how much fun this 10.5 foot inflatable slide is! Now please keep in mind these are two 9 year old boys on this slide and they are playing as kids that age do. No limits, having fun, trying to make the fastest run with the biggest splash! It does come with a bag to store it in however the only problem with this slide is that I’ve never been able to fit it in. We simply dry it out, fold/roll it up, and store it in the garage until next time.

You can purchase the Tropical Wave Water Slide by Kidwise from BounceHousesNow.Com for only $479.00 which is a nice discount off the retail price of $600!

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