Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center Playhouse – Review

When it comes to quality made toys I know I can count on Step2. Since my first child was old enough to start using their products we were hooked. Especially their Outdoor toys.My most recent love from Step2 is the Neighborhood Fun Center Play House!
I mean, really? Isn’t this the coolest playhouse ever? When I found out I was not only going to have the opportunity to review one- but give one away too I was beyond ecstatic. When it first arrived I was floored by the size of the box. It was huge. I couldn’t lift it. Johnny and I “rolled” it around the house into the garage and opened it up. Now it looks like a ton of pieces but it was super easy to put together. Within an hour we were having some fun!
The first thing that drew me to this playhouse was that both my kids could play with it. While you won’t find my nine year old playing around by himself in it, it has definitely been a great at getting the two to play creatively together. This side has a great table with benches for the two to sit together and play “diner” with.
The entrance side to the play house is more of the house style of the normal playhouse. I really like the large window but we love the little dog entrance.
The next side is my favorite side of this playhouse. There are so many fun activities. From ring tosses and velcro balls!
These velcro balls are tough! They stick really well and “catch” a lot of Gavin’s not so great throws. This is great when little ones are still learning this coordinating lessons. The ring toss are is also great because they fold down so if you need to store it up against the wall it will fit nicely. I wish they locked into the up position as sometimes the weight of the rings can pull them down when they are thrown. Usually this happens more when Johnny and I are throwing them so maybe it has to do more with the way they are being thrown.
I love this passage way from the kitchen area. Just make sure if someone is on the other side before it flings out. It moves easily and Gavin enjoyed just hanging out the side.
This is Gavin’s {favorite} part of the entire playhouse. It has a slide! This is the part Gavin was so excited about when he saw the pictures of it. When I purchased our swing set I was all about big slides. Gavin isn’t fond of always going down them. He loves this ones because it isn’t too big.
You can see the roof doesn’t extend over the side so you don’t have to worry about them bumping their heads. I personally feel it keeps it cleaner. I haven’t had any bugs or anything trying to find a home in the roof like they do in my Neat & Tidy Kitchen.
The stairs are on the inside of the playhouse. There’s also a fun mirror inside!
Gavin also enjoys the tunnel next to the slide. He often used this one to race inside to get back up on the slide again.
I wish they put a basketball hoop here or something (below). This playhouse lacks nothing, but it seems like it tried the most of every spot on this playhouse except this area. It is the spot above the tunnel.
We absolutely {love} this playhouse. It is so perfect because you’re benefiting from a playhouse and an activity center all in one. It’s durable, and can stay out in the rain. I knew pictures could only show you so much but I thought I’d show you as well:

Plus, with a name like Step2 you know it’s a name you trust!
You can get the Neighborhood Fun Center for only $339.99 on our affiliate Amazon with FREE SHIPPING!

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