Graco – Alano™ FlipIt™ Stroller – Make More Eye Contact {Review}

Graco makes a wide selection of top picked baby gear that you’ll find on almost every baby registry around. The name is well known and trusted by Mom’s everywhere. I knew all about the wonderful baby gear that Graco made but was recently introduced to a baby stroller that did something I’ve never seen before!

Let me introduce you to the Alano™ FlipIt™ Stroller by Graco. The Alano™ FlipIt™ reversible handle stroller is designed to help you and baby connect comfortably, safely, and happily-as your heart knows it should. It allows you to use the stroller in the normal forward facing view when your child wants to look around.
The Alano™ FlipIt™ Stroller also allows you to flip the handle over to let you converse or gaze at your baby too! I remember when my boys were smaller and not wanting to pull out the infant seat all the time but I didn’t want to give up the ability to watch them. With the Alano™ FlipIt™ Stroller you don’t have to choose one way or the other! It lets you have both!
It still has all the amazing features that other Graco Strollers have as well!
It has a stylish print. It provides a deluxe padded seat with multiple positioning for reclining to any angle your child finds comfortable. It doesn’t lock you into 2 or 3 settings.
I really like that it comes with a coordinating removable infant padded seat insert.
It has a generous sized snack tray with a spot to hold their bottle or sippy cup. It easily opens with one hand so that older children can easily get in and out of the stroller.
It also has a generous sized basket that holds your full sized diaper bag and still has room for plenty of shopping bags! The picture doesn’t have the sides snapped up like it should. It is more then secure on the sides. The basket also folds down so that you can easily fit large items without disturbing your child.
The front wheels fully swivel for smooth, easy access for everywhere you need to go. There is also a child’s foot rest so they don’t rest them on the wheels.
I love how the handle easily height adjusts. My husband can’t stand when he has to push a stroller that forces him to hunch over. This easily let’s anyone comfortably fit the handles to their personal comfort. You can also see the parent cup holder that is attached to the stroller and easily snaps back in forth depending on which way you have the handlebars. It also has a simple button and twist to close. Many strollers state they are one handed to close but this is one of the only strollers that I’ve actually been able to do this with only ONE hand.
It also has the most generous sized parent viewing window I’ve seen on any stroller.
You can see that it folds down to a slim size and I like that it can also stand upright on its own. I store my strollers on the side of my garage when I need the space in the back of my car and I don’t like when I have to lay them down.
I really like the Alano™ FlipIt™ Stroller! While testing out the Alano™ FlipIt I didn’t find any problems or dislikes. At first I wasn’t found at how large the canopy was but after using it more I realized it allows the child to be better shielded then others without having to fully shut them out. I always disliked having to shut out my children because to get them covered meant I had to pull the canopy down because it didn’t come out.
Since pictures can never show you perfectly how easily this stroller maneuvers I found this great video that Graco made. It will show you how simple it is to switch back and forth. The weight limit for this stroller is up to 50 lbs! Which means it could still handle a 3 to 4 year old making it a stroller you could use for the entire length of time you’d need a stroller!

You can purchase the Alano™ FlipIt™ Stroller from Graco for $149.99.
You can also purchase the coordinating SnugRide® Infant Car Seat for $159.99 for Graco as well. It also fits any of Graco’s great line of Infant Car Seats. There are also several different Alano™ FlipIt™ Travel Systems available as well. There are several stylish prints for you to chose from.

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