CSN Stores – Suncast Steel-Core Hose Reel Cart – Review

CSN Stores has over 200 stores for all of your shopping needs. Some of my favorite stores of theirs are Cookware.com and AllChildrensFurniture.com. For a complete listing of all their stores you can search here. As many of you know we have been doing all we can to improve our outdoor living around here.

Last summer was our first summer with our very own vegetable garden. However the way the trees fall in our yard we had to put it farther in the backyard away from the house to get it as much direct sunlight as possible. It took two 50′ garden hoses to reach the garden. The last thing I wanted to do was lug them back and forth each day. If I left them there they’d eventually kill the grass there.

When I saw the Suncast Steel-Core Hose Reel Cart I knew it would be perfect for us. I just didn’t know how perfect it would be. As you can see it perfectly matches our siding. It required very little assembly. The only tool we needed was a screw gun for building and pliers to tighten the hose.
Our main concern about the Suncast Steel-Core Hose Reel Cart was the table it provided. We couldn’t see very well from the photo on the site and thought that water would pool on the work area. We were happy to see the holes to allow the water to fall through. You can also see the good sized handle for pushing and pulling it around.
The heavy duty 8″ pneumatic wheels make it really easy to move all around our yard. We have a gravel driveway and we’re still in the process of tearing up our yard so these make it easy to move anywhere we need it.
The handle is good sized letting you get a good grip on it. It moves easily so you don’t have to put much effort into it. I like that its long enough to put both hands on it. When you’re cranking it back up when you hit about 50′ of hose it gets a little harder. Having the room to use both hands makes it much easier to maneuver.
It came with this connector piece of hose that brings the water to the hose. If you’re keeping the cart near the house this is nice so you don’t have any bulk around it. If you need to travel with it you can simply connect another hose up to it. We have several spigot(faucets) around our house so this connector piece is convenient to have.
Here is a photo after a recent rainfall we had. As you can see while it is wet it isn’t holding any water.
We love this Suncast Steel-Core Hose Reel Cart from CSN.com. We couldn’t have found a better fit for our needs. I wanted to show you how easily it is to use so I had my 9 year old demonstrate it for me. As you can see it easily unwinds and goes back up. I stopped it short only because when he started winding it back up he had to use to both hands and thought he shouldn’t. However, it winds up great!

You can purchase the Suncast Steel-Core Hose Reel Cart directly from CSN for $85.50 and shipping that is FREE!

If you are looking for a different style garden hose storage reel check them out since they have over fifteen choices to chose from in varying prices!

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