Cheese Steak Grinder Recipe

Last week I posted a ‘What was for dinner pic’ on Facebook and you all asked for me to post my recipe for my Cheese Steak Grinder recipe. You’d be surprised o know how low cost this meal is for a family. Remember when you were a kid and your Mom made you Steak Umm’s? Well, I made that kind of comment to my Husband a week or two ago. His response? What’s a Steak-Umm? Seriously?
So, on my next grocery visit I made sure to pick up a box. All it is is frozen Sliced Steak.
Depending on the size of your family you’ll want to use a whole box. That will make you 6 grinders. My Hubs and Johnny loved them and put back two each. We had a bit to make another still in the pan at the end.Take your steak slices and tear them into pieces or just snap the steak. Throw them in a large 12″ Skillet. I previously sauteed a few onions in olive oil. I dumped them out into a bowl and then kept the remaining oil for the steak.

Then add some roasted red peppers. I used the kind in a jar.
Add your onions and cook for a few more minutes.
For the bread cut a grinder roll and put a light layer of butter on it.
When its lightly grilled remove it and add shredded cheese. If you have provolone cheese (which I was out of) I’d add the slices to the meat in the pan.
Then add your steak, onion, and pepper mixture and top with more cheese or cheese slices.
Warning…you’ll probably need a fork and I don’t recommend paper plates.
Yum-O for less a $10 meal!

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*this is not a paid post. I simply linked to the company so those of you who are clueless like my Hubby can find a good thing 😉

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