Audiovox – D1988PK 9 Inch Slim Line Portable DVD Player With Travel Case & Accessories {Review & Giveaway}

Audiovox has many great digital electronic options. I was drawn to their site for their great selection of Portable DVD Players. If you have kids having a portable DVD player is great for more then just road trips! You can use them on planes, Grandma’s House, or anywhere you want to go-on the go!
What I really liked about the 9 Inch Slim Line Portable DVD Player With Travel Case & Accessories was that it came with everything you could possibly need to use with it. On top of the ultra thin 9 in portable player you also get a great travel bag to tote it around in and it also doubles as its seat holder. It comes with everything pictured below.
I love that it comes with two high quality headphones. This is perfect so both my children can listen to the movie all while allowing my husband and I to still carry on a conversation or listen to the radio. Plus with the way they fold up I know they are less likely to get crushed or broken by my boys.
What really impressed me was that they give you all the wires you could possibly need to use with this. It has a charger cord so if you’re using it on a plane you can use the battery pack. I also comes with a car charger so if you’re going on a road trip you can simply plug it in and not worry about it dying. Plus, if you find that you’re staying somewhere without a DVD player you can just connect this to the TV and use this as your DVD player.
Gavin has a field day with the remote! It is so lightweight and the raised buttons make it easy for even the little ones to use.
I know this photo came out horrible. I just mainly wanted to stress how thin this portable DVD player really is. Here it is next to a regular sized DVD case. Crazy thin, right?
See how nicely it hangs on the seat. It stays right in the bag that you use to carry it around with. The only thing I would change is that that side of the bag that secures the portable DVD player is only held together by velcro. The side that holds the accessories has a zipper closing which I find more secure. I have played with the bag and while it is a touch velcro I like that when I whip it open the strap that holds it in the middle does catch it so it doesn’t go crashing to the floor. I’ll probably add a buckle or something for added security since I we will be using this regularly while we travel.
This Portable DVD Set is a great deal! Personally, anyone with kids should really think in investing in one. Especially if you have some family vacations planned this summer.
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