Olive Kids has another NEW product! Dresserz!

My favorite kids bedding site has a new product!
Olive Kids just came out with Dresserz! Dresserz are drawer pulls for your child to help them learn independence in finding their clothes.
Does your child’s dresser look like this?
With Dresserz it will show your child which drawer holds each type of clothing. Kids love being able to assist in getting dressed in the morning. Plus with the words written under the picture it help with reading. Seeing the word constantly in their daily life will help them recognize it elsewhere.
Available for both boys and girls!
You can purchase each knob separately for $6.99 or 2 for $12.99!
If you love them all pick up the whole set for $35.99!

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ps. I wasn’t asked to post this. I just really love Olive Kids and wanted you guys to see this.

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