Chicken Sausage Grinder Rolls – Recipe

Normally whenever I go to the grocery store with kids in tow I make sure to steer clear from all those little food samples out. Last weekend I went with the boys and it was packed with people fulfilling their Super Bowl needs. I didn’t see the girl with the electric skillet until we were within arms reach. The boys without even knowing what she was making yells out they want some. The woman looks at me funny and I notice its some kind of meat with with peppers and onions. Still me kids want to try.
Its Chicken Sausage. Seriously? I have issues with sausage for some reason. It was fresh and clearly sanitary so I tell the boys fine. I expect to see them spit it out and we’ll be on our way. Instead Johnny is asking for another. She hands me a coupon for a free a package and Johnny’s asking to get them.
So, I get home and have no clue what to cook with them. I’ve actually never made sausage of any kind other then the packaged one that go with pancakes. Hmmm.
Then I think about a grinder I like and I could switch it up a little.So, I grabbed a sauce pan and half a stick of butter. Hey, I never promised healthy.
I used a mandolin and slice an onion into sliver slices. Let them cook alone until they begin to brown.
Add green and red pepper. A little more butter too if you want. I do.
Cut up your chicken sausage into slices. See they are well seasoned already.
I bought the Roasted Pepper & Asiago with Mesquite Smoke.
They are precooked and just have to be warmed. So when you see that your onions and peppers are almost done throw in the sausage. Stir and cover for a few minutes.
In a separate frying pan Cut your grinder roll, butter and put face down to toast.
Add sausage mix to roll. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese.
Can you believe that my 9 year old devoured that! I wouldn’t have eaten something with all those onions and peppers until about 5 years ago lol.
Gavin we just scooped out some of the chicken sausage pieces and served them to him on a plate.
So, I popped over to the Al Fresco Natural Website and found that it has a coupon off a future purchase and recipes! I am definitely going to buy these again and see what else I can make with them.

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