Back from Vacation!

I haven’t been around much over the past week because I was away on vacation with my family down in Southern Florida catching some rays of sunshine! I did make sure to prep some posts so that you guys would be taken care of 🙂
Thought I’d share some photos from our trip!
Fort Myers Pier, FL
Our first day there it was really cold! We still needed our fleece on the beach. My feet were numb from the water in 4.2 seconds but it didn’t stop the boys!

Family shot
The next day we went down to Sanibel Island and the sun came out for a beautiful 80 degree day! The water was much warmer surprisingly and the boys and I found ourselves in the water!
I was told Sanibel Island is actually known around the world as one of the best places to find shells and I can see why!

Can you believe we saw a sting ray in the water! My hubby thought I was nuts when I went up to it and pet it. Johnny was freaked out getting even this close to it!

We also brought the boys down to the Naples Pier. John and I had been here previously when we went to a wedding last year so we knew how beautiful it was when you walked a few miles south where it gets quiet from no crowds. I couldn’t wait to bring the boys.
It was even warmer so we were smarter and brought the boys bathing suits this time around.
When we came down previously we saw this house being built. When I become rich someday I want to own this house! WOW!

We found a sand dollar!
Isn’t it stunning? You have to walk for a long time to get to this point but it was WELL worth it!
Johnny caught this little critter with his bare hands!
This shot makes me miss it already! Especially when we came home in the middle of a snowstorm! The boys and I decided we want to move but Hubby won’t have it. So stubborn.

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