Swissmar – 8 Person Classic Raclette Party Grill – Review!

I was walking through the isles of my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I came across the coolest party grill called a Raclette. It said it was great for entertaining and it was so cool looking. I snapped a photo of it with my cell phone and when I got home I looked up the company called Swissmar. I was impressed with its site and all it offered. Swissmar specializes in kitchen products that help you entertain. They have a variety of kitchen tools, Raclette Party Grills, and both Cheese and Chocolate Fondue Sets.

I was sent the 8 Person Classic Raclette Party Grill to review. Now I have to be honest with you guys. Even though you know I have a love of small kitchen appliances I have never used anything like it. I still haven’t used it to its best abilities.

When I took it out of the box it was easy to set up since it came pretty much together. The 8 Person Classic Raclette Party Grill is available in 2 different color choices. Black and Red. I received a black one. The black portion of the Raclette is black enamelled stainless steel so I know its going to last and be able to withstand the heat.
Set Includes:

  • Variable temperature control
  • Anthracite, with reversible grill plate / crêpe top with non-stick coated surface
  • 8 raclette dishes
  • 8 heat-resistant spatulas
  • Instructions and recipe book

The grill piece is removable which is a great feature because that makes it so much easier to clean. When I cleaned mine I followed the direction and only cleaned the pieces by hand. Since it has the non-stick coating it was super easy to clean anyways.

“The non-stick reversible grill / crêpe top is excellent for grilling meats and veggies, and is perfect for grilling sandwiches, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and dessert crêpes.”

This Raclette is almost like 2 appliances in one since they took complete advantage of the removable grill top by making use of both sides! One side has the grill side and the other side is smooth and has spots that perfectly fits fajita shells. Johnny says they are called perfect pancake holes. While this isn’t meant to be used as a griddle I could easily use it as one!
The heating element reaches 1200W for fast cooking so make sure you have your grill top properly attached before you turn it on. You can also see the squares below that make it easy to place all the raclette dishes. This helps them from sliding around.
Its hard to show the quality of all the pieces it comes with but the raclette dishes and heat resistant spatulas are really nice quality. The dishes also have a coating on them which makes the dried melted cheese come off no problem. I love for storage sake that all the pieces pile nicely.

It also came with its own recipe book. This is a really nice cookbook to come included with the Raclette Party Grill. It has color photos throughout the entire cookbook and there are even hints and tips with photos with each step! While I can’t wait to try one of the recipes that are meant for this we made fajitas and melted cheese below. I liked having the grilled onions and peppers on top for hubby and I to grab and the boys liked having rice with cheese melted on them. I cut small pieces of chicken up and we cooked it on there as well. I was impressed with how fast it cooked. Since it has an adjustable knob to control I could adjust it cooler or warmer as needed.
Make sure to check out the other Raclette Party Grill they offer! They have others that have granite hot stones too!

Swissmar has several different Raclette’s to choose from. You can purchase the 8 Person Classic Raclette Party Grill for $100 from

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