Sprig Toys – Where Play Comes Naturally – Dino Adventure Rig – Review & Giveaway! (closed)

You already know that I love Sprig Toys! I just recently did a review of their Dolphin Explorer Boat and we are still enjoying it! Although it can be used many ways it has become a favorite in the bath tub! If you missed that review you can read it here.

What do we like so much about these toys?
Well that is not a simple answer because their are multiple reasons we love these toys. First they are durable. My son has taken both these toy sets and put them through some very rough play and they don’t even have a scratch on them! Since they require no batteries, don’t talk, and have no electronic pieces they are completely your own. Your kids decide the story line and use their imaginations to fuel them. They can actively play while acting out the stories. If the toys get dirty its okay. Since theirs no electronic in them they clean easily too!
The Dino Adventure Rig is a great choice for your little one! Dinosaurs and trucks together in one toy is already an automatic hit wouldn’t you think? Now make them safe toys that let them fuel their own imagination and you’ve got a great toy!

Playset Includes:

1 Adventure Truck
2 Dinosaurs – Mother and Baby
1 Adventure Guide – Rex Jungle
1 Adventure Hat – Interchangeable!
1 Backpack Accessory


Active Play
Character Play
Fine Motor Development

Even better these toys are make with recycled sprigwood. SprigwoodTM is a durable, child-safe, bio-composite material made from bits of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. This also means that after you spend your hard earned dollar you don’t have to worry about what chemicals and problems coming back to bite you months down the road. It also means that you are helping our environment and being green. Did you know that we use enough batteries each year to not only reach the moon but to reach the moon and BACK! Talk about what’s in our landfills!

SprigwoodTM is a highly versatile, green building material with a strong future in toy and furniture manufacturing.

PAINT FREE, No decorative paint is needed on the assembly line because we dye Sprigwood during the production process.

Sprig Toys uses safe pigments, keeping our toys free of soluble heavy metals, phthalates or endocrine disruptors.

Visit www.sprigtoys.com for more information.

You can purchase the Dino Adventure Rig for just $29.99 directly from their site! Interested in the Dolphin Explorer Boat shown above? Just $29.99 as well.

Sprig Toys has offered one J. Leigh Designz reader a Dino Adventure Rig for your little one to explore with!

Congrats rainmommy

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