Easy Bake Oven & Snack Center – Great Gift Idea! Review!

When it comes to older children it seems we struggle more with gift items. When they are younger the options seem endless. I know this because I have a nine year old son and a niece just 9 months older then that and finding gifts for the two of them that don’t require a big screen.
The Easy Bake Oven is the classic light-bulb oven we have known since 1963!
It comes with the Oven, 2 baking pans, 2 cooking utensils, a instruction/recipe book, 2 warming cups, a pan pusher, yellow cake mix, 1 chocolate flavored frosting mix, and 1 sugar cookie mix.
You can bake all your special treats right in this kids electric oven and then while you get your frosting ready you can keep your treats warm in its special warming chamber.
This is a great way to teach children on important baking safety and prepare them how to use a real oven when they get older. My 9 year old is constantly asking to start having more privileges in the kitchen. He’s allowed to use the toaster and the microwave and he loves that he can use this oven (of course with supervision). We have it at Nanny’s house so both he and his cousin can benefit from using it. Its marketed as more of a girls toy, but let me tell you my son enjoys it just as much as my niece. Even my three year old likes to get his hands dirty and play with them. Of course every one enjoys the sweet and tasty treats they make. Plus, what’s even better the baked goods are really good!
Even better the Easy Bake Oven has many different packets for you to chose from like Fudgy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies, and sugar cookies! They also have other options like blueberry muffins and breakfast batch mixes! The mixes are really cheap so you can easily pick them up on your runs to Walmart and keep up with making yummy treats often.
You can purchase the Easy Bake Oven for $24.59 off the www.hasbro.com website and have it shipped directly to your door in time for Christmas still! If you want to go out and find it I have seen it at both Walmart and Target too!

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CAUTION: ELECTRIC TOY. Immersing this toy in water can cause an electric shock. Not recommended for children under 8 years of age. As with all electric products, precautions should be observed during handling and use to prevent electric shock.

DANGER: To prevent electric shock do not immerse in water. Wipe with a damp cloth.

WARNING : Shock Hazard – Pull plug before changing light bulb. Do not use light bulb larger than 100 watts.

120V AC only.

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