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If you have a little boy I have the perfect gift for your child! Okay, even if you have a little girl this toy rocks! It is the CHUCK: My Talking Truck from Tonka!
Chuck the Talking Truck is a great gift idea for kids 2 and up. It requires 3 C batteries that are included when you make your purchase. This truck talks whenever your push his bumper, lights on top, or lift his dump bed. He has over 40 different phrases and sounds so you’ll never know what he’ll do! His front bumper moves back and forth and his dump bed wiggles as well. The best part of this truck is that he comes when you call him! Just call out and he’ll start his engine and come right to you! The funny thing is he also responds to loud noises so when we cough he’ll come to us too! We joked that we could out tissues in his dump bucket and he’d come to the person coughing!
CHUCK: The Talking Truck also comes with a book called Get To Work! I love this because it lets Gavin understand who Chuck is better! It also made him aware of his friends and what he does. It made this toy much more then another truck for him by reading the little book! I love toys that can do this!
This truck is definitely a toy Gavin plays with on a daily basis! While its a really fun toy it is a bit on the louder side after awhile. It does come with an off switch but I wish it came with a volume adjustment.
You can purchase the CHUCK My Talking Truck for $36.99 directly from or you can find it in many retail stores like Walmart and Target in their toy departments!

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