Strider Running Bike – Balance & Coordination BEFORE Pedaling – Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Strider Sports offers amazing bikes for young children that don’t require training wheels and prevent tip overs that most tricycles do. They let children ages 1-5 years old gain confidence in their balancing not in the bike’s ability to hold them up. Since children aren’t putting all their focus into getting the pedaling down they can put their focus into learning the essential motor skills involved. Learning motor skills & balance young can help jump start growth and development.

Since kids use their feet to help support their balance it’s easier to catch themselves before hitting the ground. No fumbling about where to put their feet. In return this means your child is no longer concentrating on the fear of falling but the joy of riding. The bike itself is only 7 pounds (a third of the weight of a normal 12″ bicycle with training wheels).

We received an orange Strider Bike to try out. We have been debating over getting Gavin a bike lately but were unsure of his abilities to ride and which size to get him. When the bike came in it was in a pretty small box (easy to wrap) considering there was an almost fully assembled bike inside.
It was super easy to put together and only required one tool. Strider Sports even supplied the tool for you! All that needed to be put together were the handle bars and front tire.
There are many reviews out there about its use and abilities and I’ll get there but I really wanted to talk about the quality of this bike. The quality is exceptional and I can tell that its going to last a longer then Gavin will use it. This means that not only will you get your value out of it from one child put it can be used by sibling later as well.
Since there are no pedals on this bike they have a foot “rest” area for the child’s feet when they are going fast enough to need to put them down. They have a rough surface over the area making it easy for children to place their feet there and not worry about them sliding.
The paint quality is great. It’s solid and smooth and can take a beating from your child throwing them down. There is no kick stand which means with a young child they are most likely to drop them when they get off it. We are still trying to teach Gavin to rest it against something just to take better care of it. However, with our gravel driveway its often thrown on the rocks and still doesn’t have any scratches or chips. The stickers and decals are already in place so you don’t have to worry about putting anything on crooked.
Having a gravel driveway usually prevents us from giving some of our outside toys a good test run. The Strider Sports Bike has some great tires on it. They aren’t regular tires though. They won’t deflate or need air. Puncture-proof all-terrain tires for great off road use. For looks they have the same look. The seat can also be adjusted from 11 to 16 inches. I didn’t take a picture of the seat but it is a quality made seat and is soft and doesn’t bother him. We tried a regular bike in the store a few months back and we didn’t buy it because he didn’t like the way the seat felt and kept picking at his bottom. He hasn’t done that at all riding this bike.

Overall, we really like this bike. He caught on much faster then I expected him too. I thought I would have to explain it to him but really there’s no explanation needed. He did question why his brother’s bike had petals and his didn’t but we told him it helped him go faster. He liked that idea. When I first saw the video above I thought the parents with those kids were crazy. I couldn’t imagine such a small child going that fast, especially on hills and ramps. Gavin however goes just as fast although I’m still running along beside him just in case. As with any bike a helmet should always be worn. If you don’t have one don’t worry as Strider Sports also has child sized helmets available for purchase off their site.
I think having a Strider Sports Bike under the tree this Christmas would be a gift any child wold LOVE!
Strider Sports has offered one J. Leigh Designz reader a Srider Bike for your little one to ride on!

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