Little Tikes – Super Chef Kitchen™ – Review!

Little Tikes is all set for this holiday season so make sure you check out their amazing selection of outdoor toys, ride on toys, kids furniture, and sport toys. They have baby toys, toddler toys, preschool toys, and so much more.
From their Pretend Play selection we were able to try out the Super Chef Kitchen. I was amazed at the quality and size of this kitchen for the amazing value price of only $79.99. Do you know they have multiple play kitchens for less then $100 So forget those outrageous priced kitchens and get your money’s worth from Little Tikes!
As you can see the kitchen all came together in a good sized box. If you were to give this as a gift what kid wouldn’t LOVE getting a wrapped up box of this size.
The kitchen came in only a several pieces making it super easy to assemble. Actually it was so easy to assemble that I didn’t do it. Johnny did. Yup, my nine then eight year old put this kitchen together with nothing but a screw driver! So, if you have an older child this will also be a fun project for them as well.
The size of this kitchen is perfect!It can be easily tucked in a corner when not being in use. Yet, this kitchen is still a full size kitchen. This would be great for small rooms or apartment living. We actually have it right in our living room.
As you can see this kitchen still has ALL of the fun options that the big ticketed kitchens do. The microwave, oven, and cabinets all open providing added use and play. There’s a towel rack and a sink to wash all your dishes in. Plus, don’t forget that there’s a detachable cell phone.
As you can see it even comes with quite a few extras! All of this comes standard with this great kitchen!
It comes with:
1 coffee pot
2 plates
2 cups
2 forks
2 knives
2 spoons
1 frying pan
1 phone

I’m a big coffee person so my son loves to play with the coffee pot and bring me coffee {every} morning. He loves that he can cook me breakfast and make my coffe just perfect for me. He even stirs it with a spoon saying it has cream and sugar!

His favorite feature of this kitchen is the sizzling stove. When you turn the knob the stove makes noise. It helps add to the fun and helps with all the imaginary ideas he comes up with!

This kitchen is so worth the price. It is durable and I know that it can take all my son throws at it. The stove door opens down and he already has a habit of standing on it. As much as I tell him not to he continues to do it. However this kitchen takes it and you can’t tell that he’s been doing it. While this kitchen is lightweight enough to carry from room to room its still sturdy enough to not be pushed around or knocked over. This is a great kitchen that I can’t find any dislikes about even when trying! I highly recommend this kitchen!

Plus, what kid doesn’t love a huge box to play with?

You can purchase the Super Chef Kitchen™ directly from for just $79.99

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  1. Susanne says

    Was looking into getting this for my 2 year old son since they have it on sale at Walmart right now. I happened to google for reviews and came across your GREAT review. Thanks so much for all of the detailed pictures and info. I think this one is just what we’re looking for, especially after reading your review.

    • Jennifer says

      A year later we still love it! We brought it outside this summer and it was great outside too! It’s lightweight enough to bring from room to room lol

      • Susanne says

        Good to know I we can use it outside too. Just placed my order at Walmart. They actually have it on sale for “cyber week” for $54 and it includes an apron & hat so I lucked out. Thanks again for your review.

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