Do you have STYLE? We want to hear about it!

Dee and I have decided to team up for another event together. We’ve been very pleased with the feedback we’ve received so far from both our readers and our sponsors. More so then we thought and we haven’t even shown you half of what we have!

Are you a company with a stylish product? If so, we want to hear about it!
Is it a trendy new electronic or a stylish new appliance?
Maybe its the newest fashion for the family?
If you think your product has style we want to know about it!

As before you have the option to work with one of us or both of us.
If you offer us a giveaway for your product we will make sure to give it all the networking possibilities we can. This includes encouraging our readers to visit your website and taking a look around. We want them to know all about your twitter and facebook pages as well. We know these places are where you often slip out discount codes and news that regular customers may not know of and we want our readers to get that info too.

We’ll also link your product to a giveaway going on each other sites so that it encourages our readers to learn about multiple products from you. This is a great way to cover more then one product with a readership.

If a giveaway isn’t your thing that’s okay too.
We can still add a 125×125 ad button to our sponsor list that will link to your site so our readers can see and know we’ll be talking about your products.

If this interests you then send an email my way:
title it: STYLE event.

If you’re a reader and you want to get some bonus points for the event that will come in handy make sure to grab the code above and add the button to your page. Then come back here and leave a comment. January 1st I’ll be closing the comments off and only the people who left a comment will get those bonus points. I already have some great products lined up so stay tuned!

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