CSN – Shame on YOU!

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. Turns out after all of us bloggers went and told EVERYONE we knew about the awesome $15.00 Instant Coupon Code if you signed up for their referral program that came with no strings and no minimum purchase they have decided to A.) change the rules and worse B.) NOT let anyone know.

Turns out over night they changed the policy! Now you have to spend $50.00 in order to use the code. Not only was that NOT the agreement as this was all that was stated in regards to it:

Welcome to CSN Rewards, the program that keeps on giving! We’re excited to have you join, and can’t wait to shower you with Rewards dollars and special promotions. Your current Rewards balance is $15.00. As a member you will receive a number of benefits that will make shopping easy:

  • 3 % back on all orders
  • Double rewards during private email events
  • Refer a friend and earn $15.00 in Rewards.
  • Member-only promotions and savings

Now, you went and made me look bad by posting all over Twitter, Facebook, my blog, and emailing ALL my friends and family that IT WAS STRING FREE and NO MINIMUM.
I understand that you musn’t have realized how popular it would be but I played by the rules and so should you!

To my readers, friends, family, followers, and fans:
I apologize for sending out tweets, posts, emails, and links I thought I was passing on to you a great deal. While its still a great deal if you planned on purchasing from CSN.com its still not what I told you it would be. So I apologize. But it wasn’t what CSN told ME it would be either.

You should honor all the codes that you gave BEFORE you changed it as well as EMAIL people if you do something like that. I have gotten emails from readers who said they spent quite a bit of time on your site (which helps your stats!) looking for what they wanted to find out afterwards about the code. They weren’t happy with me.
Besides, wasn’t keeping in touch with your valuable members the whole point of the referral program? You took 141 emails just from my link alone. I’m pretty sure you’re not UNsubscribing all these people!

The part the truly upset me and what made me write this post was that not only did you accept my order but AFTER you changed your mind YOU CANCELLED MY ORDER! Stand behind what you say and if you change your mind at least HONOR your already purchased orders.

I am so disappointed in your company. I don’t think I could ever bring myself to recommend your site again.


Hello Jennifer,
I am writing to confirm that we have cancelled the following items from your
order #10487173 at CSN Stores:
1) Melissa and Doug – Food Groups Play Set (Qty. 1)
Your new order total is $0.00.
We have had to cancel your order using the CSN Rewards promotional code. Please
note the following Terms and Conditions:
“Referrer credit may only be redeemed on orders over $50, one per household.”
You will not be charged for the cancelled items. Please note it may take 2-3
weeks for a pending charge to expire on your account. If you paid with a check
or money order, you will receive your refund check in 2-4 weeks.
Please feel free to email us or call us at (800) 593-5251 with any questions.
CSN Stores


It may have only been very little (plus $6 shipping) but it is MY money. Pending money is STILL held money out of my account and others.


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