Build-A-Bear Event – Natick, MA – *NEW* Movie called ‘Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure’

I told you all about how the boys and I were invited out towards Boston for an ALL NEW Christmas Movie! It is called ‘Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure‘ and it is Build-A-Bear’s first movie! Build-A-Bear‘s only request was to bring an unwrapped new toy to give to Toy-For Tots. Together Build-A-Bear and Toys-For-Tots joined hands to donate over 100,00 toys and bears this holiday season! We live in Western, MA so I knew I had a trip ahead of me. I printed directions from Google Maps that told me I had an hour and 15 minute drive ahead of me so we planned on leaving for 10:30am. I borrowed my in-laws GPS system and I set it up right before leaving. I typed in the address and it told me our drive was a half hour longer then planned! I hoped the printed directions were right! Once we were on the MA Pike we had pretty much a straight shot across the state. Natick is outside Boston so I knew I didn’t have to deal with the city. I did how ever deal with sheer craziness the moment I got off the highway. OMG the streets out there are moronic. They have a median that goes through the center of the traffic (its SUPER busy) if you miss your one and only turn (like me!) its impossible to turn around. Next think your on a ramp heading towards Boston (ugh!). So, I figured I’d follow it and spin around the moment I could WRONG! 10 mins later I was still going straight. Panicked I called the store. Thank God for cell phones! He directed me to a turnaround that would get me back. I finally make it to the mall and it turns into 5 different rotaries. Now I know rotaries are a MA thing.Rotaries are turn arounds in major areas that pull into 4-6 places and the rotary has the right of way and oncoming traffic all have yields. Only here in MA we don’t yield, we drive right in. I saw Macy’s and flew in out of a rotary and got stuck in bumper to bumper one way coned off traffic (agh!). Finally the JCPenney’s and pull into the ramp to drive through the parking garage area. Its a zoo and there’s an 80 year old woman who can’t back out of her spot and now she’s so flustered she doesn’t know what to do. Another 10 mins pass and we finally have a spot. I pick up Gavin and Johnny and I make a run for it. It’s right where they tell me. I straighten up the kids and walk in. The mall itself is a beautiful one with dark hardwood floors all throughout the mall floors.
I walk into the store its bright and cheery (and neat & clean!) and my kids have grins across their faces from ear to ear. We are see Kelly immediately. He’s the guy who helped me on the phone. He said when I got there look for the tallest guy there. Sure enough. He was super helpful and brought us over to the wall of animals. Showed us over to where Holly and Hal Moose are and let the boys pick which one they want. Of course they both picked Hal (and Holly was so cute!).
Build-A-Bear has a huge selection of animals to chose from! Of course they have multiple styles of bears too! You can chose from frogs, dogs, cats, you name it! Prices to make them start as low as $10!
She brings us over to the ‘Fluff Me’ machine and asks the boys if they want them soft and cuddly or hard and stiff. Both boys pick cuddly.
She stuffs them and hands them to each boy and asks them to give Hal a hug and see if he’s good. Both boys agree.
Next, it’s time to pick out a heart!
Kiss it! Love it!
Rub it! Make it warm!
Rub your muscles! Make it strong!
Place the hearts inside your Moose! Stitch them up!
Bring them over to the tub and give them a bath!
Scrub his belly!
Get him clean!
Pick out some clothing!
Build-A-Bear has a complete line of clothing! You can pick from school clothes, sport uniforms and teams, and professions. They even have a complete line of holiday clothing! Don’t forget their complete line of accessories! They have shoes, glasses, hats, bags, and more! They even have furniture pieces!
Once their dressed you have a cute Build-A-Bear animal and a very happy child!
Head on over to the computers and officially make up your adoption certificate! When your done putting in all the important information hit print for your very own copy! Head on over to the check out for it! When we were done making out Moose we headed over to the AMC Theaters! Luckily these weren’t as hard to find! We went in and it was shear craziness! I had forgotten all about the new Twilight movie ‘New Moon’ had just been released and teenage girls were EVERYWHERE.
We were greeted by HOLLY & HAL MOOSE! Gavin was so captivated! Ha’s antlers blinked and glowed! Just like his! We snapped some photos of course!
Each boy was handed their very own Build-A-Bear swag backpacks! They were also given Hal antler crowns to wear with a $5 off coupon!
We got some drinks and some popcorn and nestled down into our seats. The boys were SO happy! They couldn’t wait for it to start! Plus, we were one of the first ones there so we had prime seats! I had a chance to talk to some of the other Mom’s there. Build-A-Bear had emailed their loyal customers and had also invited them along to the movie portion! They too were asked to bring a new unwrapped toy for Toys-For-Tots!
Gavin also had his very first popcorn so he was extra happy!
This is one of the BEST Kids Christmas Movies! Hal has a dream to fly with Santa but Moose don’t fly! Everyone knows that! Holly his big sister is in charge and when Hal runs off its her job to bring him home!
When she finds him they make a wish on a star and they find themselves right in Santa’s North Pole! What are the chances! It must be the magic of Christmas!
Oh no! A snow storm worse then they’ve ever seen is on its way and Christmas is cancelled. Or is it? Tune into ABC Family on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at 7pm EST/PST to find out!
When the movie was over both kids were so excited about going home and being able to watch it again on Tuesday! They talked all about how their very own Build-A-Bear was IN the movie!
Both boys put their Build-A-Bear Hal Moose in their new backpacks and walked happily out to the Jeep!
As you can see they had so much fun! This was my entire ride home!
Thank you Build-A-Bear for inviting my boys and I out to this fun filled day!
We love our Build-A-Bear Hal Moose!
Gavin has now slept with it both nights since coming home!
Remember to tune in to ABC Family on 11.24.09 @ 7pm EST/PST!
Set your DVR!Make sure to pick up a Build-A-Bear Gift Card. Not only do they make perfect stocking stuffers, but children will love getting these as gifts!

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