Boon Inc. – The Frog Pod® Bath Toy Scoop, Drain, and Storage – Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}

I know I told you last month all about Boon‘s amazing Flair Highchair, now I’m going to tell you all about their amazing bath products. If you have yet to purchase bath products for your little one or if you’re like me and tossed all your bath toys because they got gross then you need to take a look at Boon Inc Bath Products. I’m going to tell you all about the Frog Pod but they also have a Flo that deflects water (with a built in bubble bath dispenser) and faucet protector. They also have bath toys like Splat a floating ring toss game, or the Bath Goods a set of 15 designer bath toys that don’t absorb water. What’s that mean? Reduced chances of mold and mildew!
In the back of the Frog Pod there are adhesive strips. After cleaning your tub take some rubbing alcohol over the area that you plan on sticking the strips. I had known that this attached to the side of the tub and I had always been curious on just how it attached to the tub wall. I like that its adhesive strips so it won’t leave any damage behind once its removed.

Inside the Frog Pod Base there is a built in hook. The scoop has a hole slot that perfectly fits the hook. This lets the scoop rest inside the base in an upright position allowing the water to drip down and out of the toys.

The scoop itself is of good size. It can fit multiple toys in it. While it has multiple holes for drainage and air flow they are narrow enough where most if not all bath toys should easily remain in the scoop.

Just scoop the toys out of the bath water and run them over the tub faucet to rinse any of the soap off them. Or in our case we always have color drops in the tub. You can easily do this as it only requires one hand. This is handy especially if your taking the toys out while your child is still in the tub.

The Frog Pod by Boon Inc. is great because it keeps everything dry and clean. Germ free and safe. I’ve had a hard time buying bath toys for the past year since I last squeezed a squirter at my son and black guck came flying out at him. I immediately took all his bath toys to the trash.

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  1. stacey says

    Any idea how to safely remove it? We are moving and would like to take it with us. Do you know if we can pull it right off, or will it leave a bunch of sticky mess behind, or is it meant to be somewhat permanent? Any experience or ideas?

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