Halo 2-in-1 Organic SleepSack™ Swaddle! Help Reduce the Risk of Sids! Review & Giveaway!

Did you know that October is SIDS Awareness Month? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome also known as SIDS is defined by the sudden death, of unknown cause, of an apparently healthy infant, usually during sleep. This usually occurs during the first six months. When I read about how Founder of Halo SleepSack William Schmid lost his daughter to SIDS in 1991 it broke my heart. I love how through his loss he has started a battle to prevent others from going through the same pain! He also donates a percentage of all profit to foundations that work to fund ongoing SIDS research, education and family support!!!
I’ll admit when Johnny was a baby he slept on his belly. I had been told about the whole sleep on your back thing but it was brand new and just being introduced. I had always grown up thinking you place a baby on their belly. Johnny was a cranky baby who refused to sleep. His acid reflux gave him pain that would keep him for most hours of the night. He refused to be swaddled and when I flipped him on his belly he slept 8 hours the first night. However, I was a teenager uneducated about things like this and didn’t know much better. When Gavin was born I was older. I knew all the risks and things that could go wrong because when I was working in the ER previous to his birth we lost a baby one early morning to SIDS. She was a beautiful 4 month old. I swear i can still remember her face. I remember the day so well because it was a horrible day. The entire staff was numb from the loss of a baby. I remember being responsible for bringing the uncontrollable mother to a private room to speak with the doctor. I remember the pain of not being able to look her in the eyes. I remember crying as we brought the small body to the morgue. Why am I telling you this painful memory? Because it made it real. Until that moment i had blown off all “real” possibilities of ‘it could happen to me’. When I had Gavin it wasn’t worth the risk. I had no intentions of ever putting him on his belly as I had his brother. I swore to myself regardless of his sleeping habits I would never place him to sleep in any position other then his back.

Luckily, when Gavin was born he loved being swaddled. I had it down pretty good, but no one else did. My husband could never figure it out. In the middle of the night after breastfeeding I would often fumble trying to roll him back and forth. As he got older and his arm strength got stronger he struggled to stay tight in the blanket. Soon he cried to be swaddled and I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t bulky in his crib.

I wish I had known about the Halo SleepSacks!

Halo SleepSack Swaddle has more then one use which I love! When they are newborns you can completely swaddle them in and keep them warm. When they get a little older you can wrap it clode for warmth but allow their arms to be free. I love that they are available in different sizes so as baby gets older and bigger you can still use them! Gavin would have {loved} these as a baby! The organic swaddle is 100% organically-grown cotton. It has no chemicals or dyes so you know it won’t bother baby’s sensitive skin. I also love that the zipper on these goes top to bottom! This will make for easier night time changes and you know you won’t accidentally get your baby’s chest of chin with it!

Most important fact: It’s the only product that carries seals from leading SIDS organizations in both the U.S. and Canada.

Halo SleepSack also has coordinating layettes in organic cotton as well!

Halo SleepSack has generously offered an organic SleepSack!

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