Zooper – Waltz Lightweight Stroller Review

Recently Gavin and I were given the opportunity to review the Waltz Stroller by Zooper. Since I was unhappy with my previous stroller I was really excited. I liked from what I saw it was a smaller, lightweight stroller that would be great for everyday needs. I was given my choice of what color I wanted it in and I have to admit they have an amazing selection to chose from. I’ve never seen a stroller with so many color choices! They have red, coconut, plum, blueberry, olive, and black for color choices!
I love the color sage, so when I saw the olive I knew it was a perfect choice! (you’ll notice it blends in with my house as even our siding is sage colored) As you can see in the picture above Gavin really likes this stroller too! His favorite part of this stroller is the snack tray. There are two spots in the tray for placing food or a drink!
When the stroller arrived it was very simple to put together. So simple in fact my 8 year old did it for me. I didn’t have to do anything. Once it was built which took him all of 10 minutes I immediately started to play with it. The first feature that I noticed was the shade. It does more then I’ve seen most stroller shades do! It unzips in the center allowing you to completely open the shade and cover the entire area protecting baby from wind, rain, sun, or bugs…or big brothers in our case! I also liked that it had a spot that opened for ventilation. Its hard to see through from afar but if you peek in close you can see it allowing you to pay attention to your baby while they stay underneath. I also really liked that I could easily remove the entire canopy if I chose. Which makes washing all the pieces very simple.
From the back of the stroller you can see their logo which Gavin loves seeing. Its a smiling baby and who doesn’t like a smiling baby? The stroller basket impressed me as this stroller is the same size as my old one but I can fit about THREE TIMES more stuff underneath it. The brakes are easy to use with just a quick tap of the toe. You can also see that it comes with a convenient cup holder for the parent as well. The flap you see above the logo is a good size pocket that easily fits my bulky keys, cell phone, and whatever else I’ve tried to put in it. Plus, when its full and somewhat heavy I don’t find it tipping over like my other one did.
Above is how we’ve been using the stroller. It has so many features to it that you’ll discover during use that at the time of the picture I hadn’t even realized that the little piece of green padding sticking out under the snack tray tucks down with the touch of a button. Its a foot rest for when they are little when they get bigger you simply place it down for toddlers. As you can tell it didn’t bother Gavin to use it either way. From here you can also see the nice 5 point safety harness that is adjustable as your child grows too. This stroller is made for both newborns and toddlers up to 55 pounds.
I wanted to show you the other amazing accessories that comes standard with this great stroller! If you prefer not to use the snack tray you can click in the basic arm tray instead. You can even chose not to use any as the padding comes right up to the edge. It comes standard with the sleeping bag insert that actually goes through the 5 point harness holding it securely. You can also add the newborn strap covers and headpiece. Those also strap in so they securely stay with the child. The padding on it is super soft and super comfy!
I wanted to take a minute to show you the release to recline the seat. It is the easiest release I have seen on any stroller!!! Simply pull it and you can place the recline into one of four adjustable positions. Simply pull it again to move it to another position. No pulling or tying straps or fighting with belts!
I wanted to take a picture to show you all the accessories that come standard with this amazing easy to use stroller! You can see the newborn pieces, the 2 tray choices, the sleeping bag, and the rain guard! I forgot to also put the car seat accessory in there to which allows you to not only use it as a simple stroller put use with your infant carrier as well! Below you will see the stroller when it is folded down. Its simple to do by holding the handle and pulling the grip you see near the top. To release it back out release the safety button on the bottom, hold the built in handle button pull it and there ya go! What is great about this is if you don’t want to carry it around in your car or have minimal storage it stands upright allowing you to squeeze it in just about anywhere. The only thing I don’t like about it is if you lay it down the cup holder looks as though it will get damaged eventually.
Overall I am extremely pleased with this stroller. The material is nice and light weight. It has so many options and different uses. More then I’m sure I’ve even let you know as I’m still continuing to find more great things its capable of! It is perfect for a trip to the park or walk around the mall stroller. Its not the best on gravel like surfaces like my driveway but its not meant to be an all terrain stroller. I am extremely pleased with this stroller and Gavin really likes it. I love that all the accessories come standard with it so I wouldn’t feel like I was breaking the bank to get all the great features it has to offer.

I went searching for a place online that offered it for you to purchase and the best deal I found was at www.strollerdepot.com It originally retails for $329 and they offer it for $299. They also test out and grade all their strollers. This stroller received nothing lower then an A- in the 5 area they test. Knowing that they must deal with tons of different brands and kinds of strollers you can trust this is a great investment as a stroller!

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