Potty Training Success Update!

So, I thought I would give you an update on our potty training progress.
If you remember I was going crazy because Gavin had to be potty trained before he started preschool and he just wasn’t catching on.
I brought him to the bathroom in regular timed increments but the pull ups were always wet still. They weren’t exactly soaked but they weren’t dry either.

Finally I was fed up and sick of wasting my money on pull ups while they were being used more like diapers. I threw my hands up in the air and went to Walmart. I went and bought 2 packages of white underwear. They were only $4.50 each and had 6 pairs in each package.
I put them on Gavin. He wet his pants. We got changed. He wet his pants.
This went on for the rest of the day. My Little Green Machine from Bissell was used more that day then since I’ve owned it.
The next day however we only had ONE accident!
I continued this and within 3 days he was staying dry most of the day and I felt confident enough to leave the house with him still in undies! He even was waking up from 2-3 hour naps dry!

We are still struggling with #2 as he refuses to do this on the potty but we haven’t had any accidents in a long time! We’re still using pull ups at night as well. I don’t see him being in those for much longer either which is great!

My advice?
Toss the diapers!
Toss the Pull-ups!
Toss the toddler sized potty!

Throw them in undies and let them use the regular toilet!
The first day will be rough but I promise you by the end of the week you’ll thank me!

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