Bumbleride All-Terrain Jogging Stroller – Exceptional Quality – Review!

When we went to Disney we brought our stroller with us for Gavin, sadly by the time we returned the thing was unusable so when I got the email telling me I’d have a chance to review a Bumbleride All-Terrain Jogging Stroller I was ecstatic. I don’t think at the time I realized just what a great stroller I was about to receive!
The Indie Stroller is available in a choice of 5 colors: spice (orange), seagrass (green), vita (pink), lava (black), and ruby (red). I chose lava so that when we have baby #3 this stroller will fit either a boy or a girl. It came pretty much fully together. I only had to attach a few of the accessories and wheels. Standard accessories in the Indie Stroller are:

  • Rain Cover
  • Air Pump
  • Jogging Strap
  • Cup Holder
  • Headrest and Shoulder Pads
  • Infant Seat Adapter Bar & Safety Belt

The fabric material this stroller is a canvas like thick material. It can easily be spot cleaned and when I spilt water over the shade it beaded up like it had some sort of waterproofing to it. The handle is great because it is multi-adjustable allowing you to move it from 32″ to 45″. This allows it to be comfortable for both me and my husband. He really can’t stand using a stroller that requires him to remain hunched over. Plus, the handle has a great grip to it and I like that it goes all the way across allowing me to hold it in however feels comfortable to me.
The footrest for the child is also adjustable to all different lengths. Making it possible for your child to have their feet up or down. Or if their smaller keeping their feet from just dangling.

I also received the Snack Pack accessory with it. You can see Gavin below unzipping it because I stuck some goldfish and a juice box inside. This is a great feature since it covered and it has separate compartments. It also has an easy to clean waterproof sealed fabric liner. It comes with its own separate adaptor bar making it easy to attach it on and off the stroller. The snack pack easily attaches with velcro. It comes in all the colors available for the Indie, Indie Twin, and Flyer strollers so it can perfectly match your stroller.
My favorite part of this stroller are the wheels! These wheels move smoother then any stroller I have tried ever! You can see from the pictures that I have a gravel driveway and most strollers I use have to be carried to the street if we want to go for a walk because they can’t handle the rough terrain. Not the Indie Stroller it moves over any surface I’ve tried it on smoothly not bothering Gavin in it or bouncing him all around. It does curbs much easier as well. Small inclines like moving from the gravel to the cement garage flooring thats 2 inches up I don’t even need to tip the stroller back. It goes up it like it wasn’t an issue. The front wheel pivots incredible nicely and while it took a bit to get used to that the back wheels are outside the stroller versus under it I found it was easier to move quickly while offering more of a sturdier support.
Another part of the stroller I was impressed with was its large basket size. The basket on this stroller is huge! We took this stroller to the mall and I was impressed that it fit almost all of our back to school shopping underneath for both boys! We just had to carry the shoe boxes! My last stroller we sacrificed the basket size thinking we couldn’t get a great stroller with the all the extras and I have to admit this stroller proves all my logic wrong.
It comes with a cup holder for me as well. I like that it allows for any size beverage. It simply expands for larger cups.
The brake feature is the easiest I’ve seen as well. It has an easy one step bar. In order to kick in the rear brakes I can simply tap it with my foot to make park it. Plus to release it i can easily use the top of my shoe. I can’t stand when i had to bend over and fight to release my brakes on my old stroller.
Folding this stroller down is so simple. I love that it folds right in half allowing it to use less space. I do, however, have to keep it on its side because of the width of the back tires, otherwise it will not fit in the back of my Jeep.
My overall opinion on this stroller:When I first told hubby that I was getting a Bumbleride All-Terrain Jogging Stroller valued at $459.99 he laughed. He said there was no way he would ever purchase a stroller that cost that. In the back of my head I actually agreed. I’m sure most of you are actually agreeing with that now as well.
If you agree with that statement I highly encourage you to find a retailer or someone who owns one before purchasing a different brand. Once this stroller arrived both my husband and I had a completely different opinion once we were really able to touch, feel, and test out this stroller. The quality of the material, the smooth ride it offers. This is a quality stroller in a completely different category then other strollers. It has so many features that allow this stroller to mold not only to your own child’s specification but to yours as well. This stroller works great for every day needs but can allow allow you to take it for a jog or hike in areas that other strollers can’t ever go. Plus, it works with several different car seat models allowing you to make as functional as possible!

Bumbleride Indie is not your average All-Terrain Stroller. Weighing a slim 20 lbs., Indie combines the off-road ability of a multi-terrain stroller with the lean agility of an urban jogger and features a 360 degree swiveling front wheel with forward and rear facing locking positions. Indie is suitable for newborns and toddlers using a multi-adjustable reclining backrest. Ready to tackle any terrain, Indie comes standard with rear suspension, a height-adjustable handle, large storage basket and removable cup holder.Standing Dimensions: 36L 24.5W 34.5H
Folded Dimensions: 32L 24.5W 15H
Total Weight: 20 LBS
Weight Capacity: 45 LBS

  • Bumbleride Indie is suitable for infancy and up

  • Quick release five point safety harness

  • Standard infant headrest and shoulder pads

  • 360° swivel front wheel with inline locking option

  • Carrying handle for easy transport when folded

  • 12″ air inflated tires

  • Multi-adjustable backrest with flat position

  • Adjustable handle height from 32-45″

  • Spacious cargo basket

  • Zip-off canopy portion for maximum sun coverage

  • Lightweight, anodized aluminum frame construction

  • Easy and compact fold

You can purchase the Bumbleride Indie from our affiliate Amazon.com for $529.99

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