Kushies: Easy Fold Baby Bed – Great for outdoors! Review!

It’s no surprise that once again Kushies has given us another quality product for mom’s to love! This time they did it was an Easy Fold Baby Bed that is perfect for trips to the beach or on the river! I remember when my oldest was little we had to make a makeshift crib out of a blow up air raft and prop towels over him to shield the sun! No longer do you have to struggle with finding sleeping quarters for your newest bundle of joy!
The Kushies Easy Fold Baby Bed is available in three different colors: Pink, Green, and Blue. Its good size makes it great for newborns up to 12 months in age. This portable crib has UV protected fabric that makes it great for outdoor use! It has three loops built into it so it can easily hold some toys for the baby as well.

At only $69.99 this would make a great baby shower gift for the soon-to-be-mom in your life!

I have to admit this portable crib is far nicer then I thought it would be! It is bigger then I expected it to be as well. The size isn’t a bother when it comes to portability because it folds up so small. Yes, it actually folds up! Its not like those hampers that state they fold up and then you can never figure out how to get them back to its original small size. This quickly and easily folds up and can be stored in the high quality plastic zippered bag it comes in. All you have to do is tuck it under your arm or grab it by its handle and off you go.

I especially like it because my family is big on boating and when you have to take a boat to the beach you don’t have lots of room for stuff you’d like to take with you. This can easily fit on the side or under a seat if your boat has that kind of storage. The material where the baby lies is soft with added padding for comfort and the material on the outside is great because it allows you to easily brush sand off of it.

Remember the My Bag I reviewed by Kushies? If not you can read it here.

I wanted to follow up and tell you I LOVE THIS BAG! It is such great quality. When we went to Disney this was Gavin’s toddler travel bag. I was very worried about taking it on the plane because many bags like this haven’t made it past the plane trips without breaking and being ruined. I did NOT want this Disney trip to be the death of this bag. However this bag held up beautifully. Nothing even loosened or was damaged in anyway. The daycare accessories actually came in really convenient for traveling with children. It made me aware to pack some snacks and a first aid kit while the blanket and pillow was great to have for the long trip. The bag was large enough to pack an entire weeks wardrobe in it yet small enough to be brought on the plane as a carry-on. Sorry, there was no way that bag was going anywhere out of my site!
This bag has been a great addition to our luggage as well as a great use for overnights at grandma’s house as well!

You can purchase the Kushies My Bag for $79.99 with all the accessories you see above! They call it the Ultimate Daycare bag…but I call it the Ultimate Everywhere Bag!
ps. It comes in pink too!

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