Wii Birthday Party Bash! Hitting Stores Tomorrow!

Thanks to Mom Central my family had the opportunity to test out the NEW Wii game from Nintendo called Birthday Party Bash! It came perfect timing to play and celebrate Gavin’s birthday this past weekend. It is rated E for Everybody with Comic Mischief. Although I really didn’t see a single thing wrong for this and it was great because everyone could play it. Plus, you could customize the party to an individual family member! So we had lots of parties for Gavin this weekend.

You can customize the parties to different themes as well. You can pick from monsters, construction, pirates and more for boys. Or you could pick glamour, princess, butterflies and more for girls! you can also set up your family members to try and get them to look like you. Granted they aren’t as close as the Mii’s that you make on the Wii, but they are close.

You can play more then 20 fun games like Red Light, Green Light, Duncan Hines Cake Stacker, Laser Gremlin, Balloon Popper, Slingshot Splash, and so many more!

After each game you earn a new piece to your customized party such as a tablecloth, decorations, and a cake. Once you’ve earned everything you can then sing to your birthday person!!!

Up to 12 people can play this game together, they even include birthday invitations with the game to invite your friends over with their Wii remotes to play!

If you’d like to learn more check out the Nintendo Wii’s Birthday Party Bash site for more info!
Remember it hits stores tomorrow so make sure to pick up a copy! Your kids will LOVE this game even if they don’t have a birthday coming up!

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