BARBAR: Superior, Durable, & Eco Friendly Hair Products – Review!

BARBAR has a full line of superior hair care products! They’ve taken the latest technologies and put them into their products giving you great styled hair while still keeping your hair healthy, smooth, and silky! If your looking for quality made hair products that are both durable and dependable then you need to check out their site!

The Barbar Tourmaline Curling Iron, 1″

Barbar has an extensive line of curling irons in different sizes that are sure to fit any style! The best part is these can be used wet or dry! The days of frying you hair are gone thanks to the tourmaline technology! Plus it has adjustable temperature controls allowing you to chose which temperature best suits your personal hair needs!

BARBAR Professional 180 Clippers

Barbar has the best pair of clippers around! Great ergonomic shape that will feel comfortable in your hands while you use them. They come with 4 different adjustable blades so you can get just the right length you’ll need!

The BARBAR Professional 180 Clippers have an ergonomic shape design. A Perfect match of stationary titanium alloy blade and moving ceramic blade. The blade is adjustable at 4 levels according to hair length. It has a Partial cover plated by chromium in addition to frosted finish for durable use. These clipper’s strong power is guaranteed by a carbon brush motor. The 180 with it’s high-capacity, durable fast-changing battery, and better sound designing technology is at the forefront in professional grade clippers.

Barbar Black Ceramic 1800 Cordless Flat Iron
How many times do you try to muli-task while getting ready? Everytime I’m sure. However when it comes to styling our hair it usually means we are tied to wall because of the electrical plug. Now with the Barbar Black Ceramic 1800 Cordless Flat Iron! This flat iron allows you to move freely around because it’s cordless! If you like the old fashioned corded way you can still use it that way as well! Oh! Talk about time saving…this baby heats up in less then 3 minutes!

The Barbar Italy 3800 Ionic Charger Blow Dryer

I was able to test out The Barbar Italy 3800 Ionic Charger Blow Dryer.
I have edited this review as four months later my dryer burst into flames while in use. I contacted the company to let them know and they refused to do anything about it. I highly recommend NOT buying this dryer as it is a HUGE safety risk! This product could not only have seriously burned my but could have easily caught my house on fire as it was flaming until I was able to get outside to put it out.

The Barbar Italy 3800 Ionic Charger Blow Dryer is equipped with an ionic charger and the imported AC motor that will heat hair while circulating air to ensure soft and shiny results! It comes with a cool shot release button, high performance controls, and an 11 foot cord. 2000 Watts and 302° fahrenheit /150° celsius create maximum heating power!

  • 11 foot cord
  • AC motor
  • Cool shot release button
  • Multiple heat & speed
  • High proformance controls
  • 2000 watts
  • 302° fahrenheit /150° celsius
If you’re in the market for some new products for your hair make sure to check out their line of products! They have many I didn’t even get a chance to tell you about! Including their new eco-friendly hair dryer!

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