Winners of FOUR contests are:

I know I am behind on posting these! Sorry, I had a fun weekend and didn’t get a chance to get on! The joy of being able to schedule my blog ahead of time!
So, for the following four contests, the winners are:

The winner of this great ring by Sea Babe Jewelry that I love with 400 entries is #217

Huguette E. said… 217

I like the Natural Chinese Jade and Sterling Silver Ring

With 235 entries for the $30 gift card to purchase whatever your little heart pleases is entry #48

judybrittle said… 48

I’m a subscriber.

With 157 entries the winner of this Jimi wallet in orange is #44

Badger Momma said… 44

I’ve signed up for the Jimi Newsletter.

With 408 entries the winner of this great filter system is #352

coriwestphal said… 352

I’ve subscribed to the Aquasana newsletter.

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