The Toddler Bistro Box by Baby Bistro – Solve those toddler feeding blues! Review and Giveaway! {CLOSED}

When Christina Schmidt’s sister continued to call her around the clock for advice on her newborn son’s feeding she soon realized that her sister wasn’t alone in the constant confusion and questions that surround babies nutritional needs. Since it seems like thing are constantly changing and what is okay this year isn’t next she knew no sleep deprived mom was going to go searching through book after book trying to find the information that mattered most! Since Christina has her Masters of Science degree in Nutritional Science she knew she could put something together that could help new parents with all their questions. This is how The Baby Bistro Box came about.
Then the newest addition came. The Toddler Bistro Box. Every mom knows that sometimes feeding a toddler can be very overwhelming. They can be very picky and many times presentation is everything. However with toddlers comes a whole new set of rules because real foods have come into play and now those moms that had everything under control are filled with questions again and looking for great recipes for their little ones!
Christina also has a monthly newsletter called ‘Christina’s Happenings Helper’ Its filled with tons of free advise and tips on feeding your child. If you’d like to see what she has to share you can sign up for it HERE.
I had a chance to review the Toddler Bistro Box and I have to admit I was not expecting their to be SO much information! I had a blast searching through all the cards and reading them. This Bistro Box is broken down into sections. Each section goes over many possible helpers for figuring out your toddlers eating habits and giving you new ways and options to help make sure they are getting everything they need. What I love is that I really expected just a bunch of tips and recipes but this box covers it all and breaks it down into simple and easy steps. For example: First Course isn’t about what to feed your child for a first course but its about food safety because before your child eats safety is the first goal! It goes over the tops food allergies to be careful with, offers possible drinks and proper servings of them, foods that have high choking chances, and proper use of condiments. I can’t think of a better gift for both a new mom or an established mom!

Some of the great recipes included:
Sweet Potato Patties
Quick Brocc&Cheese No Crust Quiche
Mom’s Mini Banana Muffins
Roasted Squash Stars
Best Baked Apples

You can purchase both the Baby Bistro Box & the Toddler Bistro Box directly from their website!
They are $27.95 each and well worth every penny!

Baby Bistro wants to end your troubles and supply you with a Toddler Bistro Box of your own!


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