Stitcheroos: Custom Embroidery & Personalized Tutu Sets! Review!

Recently I fell in love with this shop Stitcheroos! She makes everything from personalized bags, bibs, aprons, towels, you name it. If you remember she also participated in our Father’s Day Giveaway Week. So, I am no stranger of the quality and great work she does! If you happened to miss that review and giveaway make sure you check it out HERE!

Curlz Applique Onesie and Tutu Set $34.00

I fell in love instantly when I clicked into her custom personalized tutu’s section. Here pictures were amazing as you can see here! She offers her tutu’s individually and in these adorable sets that come with combinations including hair pins, headbands, and the most adorable bloomers!

Lil’ Miss Tutu $20.00

As you can see her tutus are made with such care. They are full and flowing. Bright and colorful! Personally every little girl should have the opportunity to wear a tutu like one made from Stitcheroos! What also stands out with Stitcheroos are her reasonable prices. You can take a look around at her competitors who offer similar stunning tutu’s but plan on paying up to FIVE times the price!!! Can you believe her tutu’s start at only $20.00!!! That’s custom made in the colors of your choice! Her adorable tutu onesie sets range anywhere from $34.00 to $45.00! I don’t even know how she does it that low! So when you start drooling remember that you can spend the same amount on a boring outfit or she can be the princess of her birthday party celebration for a low price!

Butterfly Fly Away Personalized First Birthday Tutu

and Onesie Set with Matching Bloomers $45.00

I had the opportunity to review one her simply adorable tutu sets. I chose the Curlz Applique Onesie and Tutu Set. She asked me what colors I liked and what name I’d like to have on it. All I told her was plum and sage with the name Lily. This is the stunning work I received:
When I opened the box I was immediately in love. It truly was a tutu that any girl would love to wear! In my opinion tulle has always been a hard scratchy fabric. Not Stitcheroo’s tulle! This tutu was quality made with such soft tulle! I ran my hand down the waist band of the tutu and not once did it feel hard or scratchy. I knew no little girl wearing it would not be bothered or picking at it. I know the picture I offered isn’t an adorable girl but its a present for a very close friend of our whose daughter will be turing one in 2 weeks. I am already excited to be giving such a beautiful piece of work to a little girl so special on her birthday! Once she has it you bet I’ll be showing you just how adorable she will look in it!
The only problem stitcheroos will have is the day I have my own little girl to spoil Adrienne won’t have enough tulle on hand to keep up with my orders!

You can find Adrienne from Stitcheroos in several locations to purchase from.

You can visit her online website, her etsy shop, and her blog.

She often has giveaways and special promotions on her blog, so if you aren’t following her now make sure to sign up!

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