Some Tips I’ve learned on planning a trip to Disney!

Ok, so while planning our trip to Disney there are a few things I’ve learned and thought I’d pass along.

Go to and click the little suitcase in the top right. This can help you keep your whole schedule planned together! Plus, you can print customized maps or have them send them to you if you can’t print!

If you haven’t ordered the DVD, you should. While I’ll be honest I didn’t feel like sitting down and watching it…it did have lots of great information!

By clicking HERE you can find out all the events they have planned so that you can make sure to aim for it or miss it!

HERE is a listing of all the restaurants. For some reason I had the most trouble planning our dining. I highly suggest just picking up the phone and calling 407-939-3463. Before you do here are the dining plan options. You’ll want to set your reservations up at least one month before hand. You don’t have to pay at the time of the call so schedule a couple, see what fits, and then call back and cancel what won’t work. The only thing you can’t do is schedule the same restaurant for like 5:30 and 6:00. Or 2 restaurants at the same time.

If you have a small child and an older child ask about the rider switch pass. This will let you stay with your infant while one person goes with the older child, and then when they get off you can jump in the front with the older child and ride so someone is always with the baby. They also offer the option of a “cast member” to watch them momentarily…but I personally wouldn’t be able to do that.

They have a photopass service where they’ll hand you a card when a “cast member” takes your picture. If you hang on to it you can give it to other cast members and all your pictures will be held together. When you get home you can access them online and purchase them. I’m just dying to find out how much it is to order one.

You can also let them know if there will be a birthday, anniversary, or other celebration and they will help point it out.

Go to and you can find a forum where moms discuss and ask question.

As I find more I’ll make sure to keep you posted!

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