PlayHouse Bouncers: Waterslide Bounce Houses Your Kids Will LOVE!!! Review and GIVEAWAY!!! {CLOSED}

So, I have to admit when I found out I was going to have the opportunity to review a Waterslide Bounce House from PlayHouse Bouncers and give one away I was floored with excitement! My kids ran to the front door every 5 minutes until it came and were upset every time FedEx or UPS left without leaving them their amazing new Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park Waterslide Bounce House.
Needless to say the day UPS showed up in our driveway and told us she had a large box and wanted to know where to put it the kids had their shoes on before I could tell them it had arrived! Now, here in New England it has rained EVERY day in June. Yuck, I know! Even when it came last Friday it was on and off sprinkles. Do you think the boys cared? Absolutely not.
So we pulled it out into the backyard and set it up. It really only took about 10 minutes to figure it all out even with it being the first time. Most of it was self explanatory!
The boys absolutely LOVE their new Water Slide Bounce House! Even though their ages are different, my oldest being 8 and my youngest only 2 they each loved and enjoyed this waterslide bounce house very much!

We have actually set this up and taken it down EVERY day since it’s arrival! Now that we have the swing of it down it takes about 5 minutes from start to finish to set up. Taking it down is a bit time consuming but if you want to have it for years to come it is well worth it. The key to properly taking care of your water slide bounce house is to store it DRY. The first night we deflated it and rolled it up and it was so heavy we couldn’t lift it or fold it up properly. Since Hubby was out of town I decided to just leave it there. Hubby loves his grass though so the next day after we used it we found a simple easy way to dry it out and get it stored so you won’t ruin your grass. Simply turn off the blower motor for all of 1 minute. The sides of the pool are the first things to deflate allowing all the water to pour out. Once you get as much water out as possible simply turn it back on and let it run. The air will circulate through it and dry it out quickly. I recommend moving it off the wet grass onto dry grass so the bottom will also dry out. Once its dry simply turn off the motor, lay it flat, fold it up, and store it into the great over sized storage bag it comes with.
This is going to be a hit at my son’s summer backyard BBQ Birthday Party!

Here is a great picture of the Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park Waterslide Bounce House fully inflated and full of water. As you can see this waterslide is packed with many great options for hours and I mean hours of fun! So many options allow your kids to enjoy all the features such as a bounce house, pool, waterslide, tunnel, and water sprayers!
Here is a great shot of just the pool! As you can see it didn’t have much water in it at the time but once full it will come up to my little ones knee which really is the perfect depth! It takes about 30-45 minutes to fill the pool just using the 3 spray features so we now run a hose in the pool to get it started. It has two water cannons that spray out water. As you can see Daddy is spraying Gavin with one! The kids love these! The pool is a really great size and not small by any means! With this over sized pool you can have lots of fun! My kids have learned they can bring their river raft in and float around when they a break from all of the excitement! You know they won’t come out so its great that we can fit multiple FULL sized tubes or rafts in the pool!
The slide is a great size too! The best part about the slide is the water sprayer at the top! It makes sure the slide is always wet so you can get the ultimate slide ride down! When the pool isn’t completely full my oldest son loves that you’ll actually slide all the way across the pool! When the pool is full you get to make a great splash at the bottom. Of course my little one is a forward facing on the bum kinda water slider…but my oldest has a blast going backwards, on his belly, on his back, you name it! With its great size even at his height he gets a great ride down!
The bounce house part is my youngest favorite! He loves being able to jump all over the place! You need to remind your children though to be careful if they go running directly from the pool into the bounce house as is can tend to be a bit slippery and my little one has taken a few tumbles already. The first time he screamed and cried more out of confusion, but after that he has gotten a laugh out of it. Their is a weight limit on the bounce house part of it of 3 kids or 300 pounds.
This Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park Waterslide Bounce House also has this fun tunnel that goes from the bounce house area to the outside. It travels under the slide but can easily support weight of a child on the slide while passing under. My little one loves to hide under here while taking a break.
To climb up to the top of the slide they have provided a great ladder to go up. My oldest can do this in all of two leaping climbs but the little ones uses each hole to step in and the handles are great for added support for him to get all the way up on his own easily. I like that the handles go right up to the top to help him pull himself over. The landing at the bottom is great although I’d recommend getting some sort of foot pail to keep dirt off the ladder and out of the pool water. The water sprayer at the top of the slide doesn’t come close to the ladder so you don’t have to worry about it being slippery!
There are 2 water cannons at each far side of the pool. These are great because they continuously spray water helping keep the pool water level high. They can be moved around slightly letting you try to get someone in the pool with them.
Also, remember how I’m a birthday party coordinator for my day job?
You’d be surprised at how many Mom’s I deal with on a daily basis that pay around $300 for a 1-2 day RENTAL!!! Why spend that on a rental when you can OWN one for the same price!!! Spend a little more and get one even BETTER then the rental!!!!
If you are interested in purchasing from PlayHouse Bouncers make sure to check out their site! They are always offering different amazing sales and have tons of different selections such as Bounce Houses, Waterslides, Combo Units, Indoor Bouncers, Commercial Units, Slide Covers, and even Sandboxes!

PlayHouse Bouncers has Offered a Water Slide Bounce House to GIVE AWAY!!!
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