Plasma Car – Pure Energy, Pure Fun – A summer fun must have! Review!

Lately finding things for my toddler to play with outside are endless…but where does that leave my 8 year old? I stumbled upon PlasmaCar recently and knew this was something BOTH my kids would love! Not only could one of them use it but anyone can use it!

The PlasmaCar doesn’t require any batteries, or electricity meaning no matter how long your child wants to play with it they can! Plus, with no pedals, gears, and its easy to use features makes this ride on a toy you can make use of for years!

    Built to last:

  • High-quality plastics
  • Rugged and durable
  • Deceptively simple to operate
  • No pedals
  • No gears
  • No batteries required

Parents love it because it’s safe, quiet, and inexpensive!

We received the red PlasmaCar to review and from the second it arrived my oldest has used it everyday. The things he can pull of on it are actually rather amazing. He can get the PlasmaCar to go pretty fast so we do require him to use his bike helmet while he’s using it. You need a flat surface in order to ride this on. You can use it in your home, school gymnasium, basketball court or a cemented drive way. We don’t use ours inside since my hubby is really strict with the care of our hardwood floors but that doesn’t stop my boys from playing with this! You simply sit on the seat, put your feet in their spots and move the the steering wheel back and forth! That simple! It takes a bit of getting the hang of it at first, but once you do you’re on your way for some real fun!

It’s very easy to use for both my boys who are at completely different age capabilities. I have had this a bit longer then I generally wait to do reviews but I was trying to get my hands on a camera that I could record a movie on because this PlasmaCar Ride-on is a blast, and I wanted to show you my son having the time of his life on this! You can click HERE to see the many movies people have made of their PlasmaCars!

I have to admit even I have taken a few spins on it. Truthfully, this car has actually exceeded my expectations! I think having multiple PlasmaCars would be the most fun because when my 9 year old niece is over the kids will often argue who gets to ride on it because it’s so much fun!

You can purchase a PlasmaCar directly from their site for just $69.95 (CAD & US). They have a wide selection of colors for you to chose from. If you prefer to purchase in store they offer many locations. Just enter your zip code HERE to find a retailer near you!

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