ExciteBots – Trick Racing for the Nintendo Wii – E for Everybody – Review!

Nintendo recently came out with ExciteBots-Trick Racing in April 2009.
Don’t think that this is just any racing game though! This game is jam packed with massive jumps and lots of speed! While finishing the race is always important you’ll want to pay attention to everything going on between start and finish! You’ll want to make sure you earn lots of stars to open up future courses and truthfully that’s where the real fun begins!
How do you earn stars?
You earn stars of course for coming in first for a race but you’ll earn much more by doing crazy aerial tricks, crashing into other players, and catching lots of air!
What do you do with the stars?
You get to buy the cool bots of course! There are all kinds of bots. We haven’t gotten extremely far yet but so far we’ve only unlocked a few. So far the “bat” is the favorite because it goes extremely fast on boost and has the ability to glide. We also like the “beetle” because its the fastest bot off of boost. The eXciteBots will transform when you hit “wrench” icons and allow you to then grow legs and let you run for a short period of time. This lets you speed up. It’s one of my son’s favorite features!
I personally found this game fun while it was more sensitive with the remote it was really fun to try and do the things it commands for you to do. The mini games are a blast especially the soccer ball one. There are also pie throwing, darts, and poker. Their could be more and we just haven’t gotten that far yet.
The great thing about this game is that its great to play alone or with others. My hubby and my 8 year old son play this often at night. You can play single or multi-player! Since this game also has the WiFi connection you can play with up to six people online! You will have to do a small update when you first put the disk in. We thought before hitting “ok” that this would take forever. It was quicker then saying the word “upload”.
Make sure to grab the Nintendo Wii Wheel. Not only does it make this game ten times more fun but it is compatible with many other games we own such as Cars and Mario Kart. If you don’t have a wheel you can turn the remote sideways, but hubby and I struggle with that and find that we can stop fighting the remote and concentrate on the game when playing with the wheel! Super simple to switch over…all you do is snap it in!

Want in on the action?
Buy it for just $49.99 with the wheel or as low as $34.99 used from GameStop

ps. it’s rated “E” that means everyone can play!

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