Discover This – Great Educational Toys & Kits for Older Children – Review

Summer Break for kids is coming faster then I realize. This coming week will actually be my 8 years last full week of school. I get worried about what we can do together or on his own for the summer. I don’t want him wasting away in his bedroom watching tv and playing video games. I would love to have him doing stuff that not only requires some thinking but provides some education to it as well.
We have been in the “building” phase for quite some time now. It seems that regardless of how large the project is, he can master it. Most importantly while having fun!
Discover This is a great Science Related Education Toys & Kits for children. They mainly range in kids from 4 years old up to 12 years old. Working by day as a birthday party coordinator for a Science Related After School program I know first hand that while math and science are some of the most important skills our children need – they are often cut first from the schools. Sadly most elementary aged children won’t see real science until they reach junior high because of the strict MCAS testing here in MA. Since they don’t cover a whole of of science on the test, the teachers don’t spend their time as much as they should.
So while your child may beg you to buy that new $50 video game remember this website. Your children will have a blast learning and building in many of the educational projects they can play with during this long summer break. Plus, it never hurt them to learn something. Seriously, how cool would it be to make a realistic volcano or learn about our amazing solar system!
We were sent the Ubergo 322 Piece Set. What we really like about this was that there were options of what to do with the pieces. My son enjoyed making these Frisbee’s you see in the above picture. What’s great is while he spent the time to learn how to make this once he was done he went outside to play with it. When he was bored he just took it all apart and played with it differently.

So visit and check out all they have for your summer fun projects!
They have a ton of great items on sale too!

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