Slim Perfect – Swimwear & Activewear – Flattering clothing for any body type! Review and Giveaway! {closed}

We’ve had babies and we’ve gotten older. Just as we’ve changed our bodies have too!
As much as I wish I was still that cute size 2 blond my hubby met years ago…I’m not. Finding clothing that I feel comfortable in is often a struggle. In return I dread shopping for my own clothes so much I end up wearing the same horrible clothing I own.
I was so excited to stumble upon Slim Perfect! They have versatile clothing for the beach, gym, or pool for sizes 8-18. They have adorable dresses and two piece outfits that mix and match and make great outfits that will not only make you look better but feel better too. If you are not sure about what pieces would be best suited for you then take their simple questionnaire and then let them direct you to some great choices!
Did you know all of their clothing is manufactured in the US? Plus their pieces can be used as BOTH swimwear or activewear not one or the other! Making these pieces even more versatile then you thought! Each piece is made with the best quality Brazilian fabric. I love that these pieces are made to flatter you and are made by woman for woman!• Removable molded gel-filled bra cups for added support and lift. Sewn in pockets may be used for post mastectomy forms as well.
• All around elastic empire waistband also enhances the support.
• Includes a tummy tamer attached on the inside of the empire waist that provides full control from your belly around to your lower back.
• Lightweight and comfortable.
Tankini is approx. 22 ½” from the shoulder seam to the hem.
• Nylon/Spandex
• Brazilian fabric

I was lucky enough to try the SlimCapri with the Black Tankini with the Merlot trim. The top was a bit snug. Not because of my waist more because of my girls. I did take the websites advice and size up one size. I think the reason its snug is not fault of the manufacturer but the bowl of ice cream I have been having every night (eek!) diet time! The capri’s fit perfectly and I love them. They are both extremely light weight and I love the material. I love the merlot trim I personally feel it dresses it up a bit and allows me to wear it more every day verses just as active wear. I like that my girls can’t pop out any where because there is complete support with no un-needed cleavage showing. Plus, I LOVE that the gel-filled bra cups are removable! So, if you’re like me and don’t like making additions to your girls you can take them out! Great feature in clothing! The capri’s are awesome because they are kinda like two pairs of shorts. Underneath there are support shorts that smooth everything and put all your junk where it should be. Then the actual capri’s fall over them and move perfectly with no static action going on. I can’t wait until I am about 5 lbs lighter so the shirt will fall better. This will definitely be a well worn outfit this summer! Plus I love that these pieces are SO versatile that I can mix and match them with other pieces in my closet. This shirt could definitely have the ability to be pulled off in a much dressier way as well.
Slim Perfect is offering one of my readers a $100 gift certificate to their website!
Isn’t that generous! You will love the way these clothes make you look and most importantly make you feel in them!!!Plus, if you order in MAY Slim Perfect will give you free shipping!
Just enter “jleighdesignz” at checkout!



  1. susan says

    Whenever I go to the beach, I wish I had these handy!

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  5. Pam says

    I always wish I had these handy! The beach, the pool for swimming lessons with the kiddies, hotels – I mean, they make a capri bottom! Perfect for “thunder thighs” like mine (as my hubby so thoughtfully points out).

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  6. Dana says

    I like the Tankini and the swim skirt

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  10. Jingle says

    I would love one of those adorable slim dresses for those days when we are at the beach, but then we want to go hit a few shops or something in the area – it works for both!

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  13. Picasso Girl says

    what perfect timing that I stumbleded across this blog (& give – a -way) I need to find some beach wear soon…I have not been looking forward to it because I have gained some weight (or else my clothes shurnk over the winter …LOL) I love

    Teal Zebra the colors and looks like it is comfy and very flattering.

  14. Huguette E. says

    I wish I had these when we have or attend a pool party

  15. agordon10 says

    each and every day i got to the gym.

  16. idahomom says

    I have been drooling over the Teal Zebra Tankini for months now.

  17. chelsea says

    I wish I had these…when I went on a cruise 2 years ago….also would be really nice this summer…beach and reunions!

  18. chelsea says

    I follow you!

  19. Deb K says

    I wish I had these for our first picnic!

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  21. Stephanie says

    for a casual night out – that sleeved slimDress would work just fine – thank you!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  22. mverno says

    this winter when we stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool

  23. Megan says

    Wish I had these last year when I was in the Caribbean for a week attempting to strut my stuff – haha!
    Thanks, vancy31[at]gmail[dot]com

  24. Megan says

    I have your button in my blog:
    Thanks, vancy31[at]gmail[dot]com

  25. andrea v says

    I sure could have used this when we went to the Dells and the indoor waterpark

  26. Lee-Ann says

    A slim wear swimsuit would have been great when I took my son swimming last fall for Mom & tot classes but it would still come in handy now!

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  30. Andrea says

    I wish I had these for yoga!

  31. denyse says

    I wish I had these when I have to meet people at the beach- I hate wearing those bathingsuits that expose so much.

  32. clc408 says

    I wish I had the SlimSkort and Bikini top for my vacation to the beach. Thanks for the chance.

  33. Alice says

    I wish that I had a slim short tankini for when we hang out in the pool in the summer. All my mommy friends and me spend most days in the summer with the kiddos at the pool. They are all marathon runners and triathalon racers and well lets just say, unfortunately, I am not. I need a swimsuit that covers me up but that I can look good in.

  34. vanitize says

    i would love to have this when im on the beach in cali!!!

  35. 409cope says

    I wish I had these handy when we stayed in a motel, on vacation,and discovered it had an indoor pool. cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

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    I am an email subscriber.cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

  37. Deb says

    I wish I had known about these before our spring break trip to Orlando. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  38. Carol Lawrence says

    I don’t swim much,but I do watch the grandkids when they swim nd I would look really good in one of these outfits.

  39. Carol Lawrence says

    Technorati fav. username:jelly15301

  40. llinda29 says

    I wish I had thes at the party last week

  41. RE says

    These would be great for our summer beach vacations! Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. RE says

    Subscribed via email! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. remarker says

    I really could have used these when I went to Jamaica with my daughter – SlimSkort (with Shorts) !

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  45. Naddez says

    When I visit the beach.

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    Very handy 🙂

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  50. Anna Etheridge says

    I love the Teal Zebra Tankini!

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    Picnics, and family reunions. electricisland(at)

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  56. sandyy456 says

    These would be handy for the pool this summer.

  57. Courtney says

    I wish I had this on my last cruise. I have another one coming up that the zebra slimdress would be perfect for.

    hebert024 at aol dot com

  58. offthemap13 says

    Ummm yesterday. LOL. We were at the beach! 🙂

  59. danosor says

    I just subscribed.

  60. mogrill says

    I LOVE the Tankini! Thanks for the chance.

  61. georgie c says

    A Year in a Country Garden in June – cross stitch kit. electricisland(at)

  62. 2 by 2 Boutique says

    i could really use these when i go to the gym to work out. i always feel silly in my workout gear and i hate the way they fit!

    2by2boutique at gmail dot com

  63. aaj83 says

    I like the Tankini

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

  64. tatertot374 says

    Thank you for a great giveaway. I really like the Tankini and would wear this to our vists to the pool and beach. Thank you

  65. spitfyr323 says

    I wish I’d had these handy when I went to FL last summer!

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

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    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  67. Rajee says

    I like the Tankini and the swim skirt
    that comes in handy.

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    signed newsletter.

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    Grab ur button.

  72. Prpldy says

    These would have been perfect for me when I went to a Jaycee convention and they had a sauna and pool indoors. Boy would I have looked wonderful.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

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  77. sherri419 says

    The Black SlimDress with Steele Trim is gorgeous! I love going to the beach but I am not comfortable in today’s small bathing suits. This would be perfect. Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  78. kkoh says

    I would love to have the black slim dress for a pool party

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    I’m subscribe to your blog with email subscription.

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    I’m subscribe to your blog with email subscription.

  81. B says

    I wish I had one of these for this upcoming summer. It would be so handy to have this over my suit when I’m chasing around two kids since they have both figured out how to get their little legs to take them places!

  82. vboackle says

    i like the slim short tankini .

  83. Misusedinnocence says

    When my sons friends parents throw ‘pool birthday parties” lol. I hate my current swimsuit. These would be great!

  84. Misusedinnocence says
  85. wwrk says

    I always wish. anytime

  86. Marianna says

    I wish I had these for the trip to the waterpark! I need all the slimming help I can get! Love the Slimdress!

  87. Marianna says

    I follow!

  88. AudreyO says

    I took a trip overseas 3 years ago. We spent a ton of time in water situations. I would’ve loved this.

  89. sue says

    i am going to the keys for aniverary. would love to have one of these for my trip to wear at the beaches and pool

  90. msrodeobrat says

    i would love to have a slim dress to wear playing tennis!

  91. says

    I REALLY wish I had these handy now- My husband is deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months so I’m staying with my parents 1200 miles away from our home. I “whoopsed’ and got pregnant right before he left, and have NONE of my maternity clothes- I’m in the “in between” stage when I just feel fat, and could use these items!!

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  102. clenna says

    These would be handy for the beach, the pool, hotels, and shopping in the above areas. Capri shorts, skirts and a bathing suit for us larger ladies – fantastic.

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  105. LittleEagle says

    The are so versatile, I can use them shopping or swimming and still look better. sharonaquilino(at)hotmail(dot)com

  106. Jennifer says

    Because these look so comfy and great to wear anywhere, I would love to have these handy for daily wear. I would definately need them on vacation also.
    cspmom at gmail dot com

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  109. Ken says

    My sister loves the Sleeved SlimDress in navy with white trim. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  110. judybrittle says

    We have family reunions a lot by the lake and I sure wish I had these handy then. Thank you!

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  121. kygirl says

    At the beach

  122. etrnlone says

    i wish i had these daily… they hide a bunch of sins

  123. SeahorseLady says

    I would get the great looking black Tankini.
    Thanks for the nice giveaway.

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    I also follow your blog.

  126. kngmckellar says

    I wish I had these handy to go watch a parade or to just go up town to the grocery store!

  127. kngmckellar says

    I wish I had these handy to go watch a parade or to just go up town to the grocery store!

  128. Amy G. says

    I wish I had this on hand whenever summer comes around and I go on vacation.

  129. ethnically ambiguous says

    I wish I had a slimperfect suit on hand when I went on vacation last year & for our beach trips coming up over the next few months. I would just love to be able to go out on the beach but hide the thunder (thighs)

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  132. okaat says

    this would be handy at a pool party, i could swim and then lounge in the suit and skirt.

  133. wendy says

    I wish I had these handy the last time I went on a Carribean cruise.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  134. erma says

    I would love the chance to win, thanks.

  135. Kelly F says

    These would definitely come in handy when my family and I go to the Indiana Dunes and beaches. I love the capris they have!

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  141. Living in Alaska says

    I wish I had these for vacation. We’re going to the beach.

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  143. Happi Shopr says

    would love to have these for vacation! trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  144. Sherry R says

    I could use one of these right now as I head into summer deailing with my post-fourth baby weight.

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  150. quelleheure4 says

    I wish I would have had this when I went to the waterpark with my kids. They wouldn’t let me wear my shorts over my suit down the slide and I was so uncomfortable. I’m not a big person, just insecure. Because of that, I have avoided waterparks ever since and I used to love them. It’s sad.

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  157. Meet the Browns says

    We live in Florida, so my husbands colleagues are always hosting pool or beach get-togethers. I love to have a Slim Perfect swimsuit to help make a good impression on his work friends 🙂


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  161. yellowlabs says

    This would be handy to have when family gathering at the beach!

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  163. The Demille's says

    I wish I had these when I went to the pool so I could cover up my post baby flaws…like my marvelous stretch marks! =)

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    this would be perfect for the pool with the grandkids:)

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  174. intime says

    I would use this for a fun night out

  175. intime says

    Teal Zebra Tankini

  176. michelle lopez says

    Wish i had this handy because i have lost alot of weight and now i have loose skin issues and this would help with that.

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  184. A Reader says

    Iwish I had one their bathsuits handy when I went to the pool this weekend.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  185. Nanette says

    I like the slim wear swimsuit.

  186. coriwestphal says

    I’d love to take my kids to the ocean this year (we live in MN) so I’d love to have a nice suit I feel comfortable in!

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  196. Tammie says

    I do not consider myself a ‘frequent traveler’; however, this past year I found myself first at Daytona Beach and later in Maui… talk about wishing I had simething from Slim Perfect! 😉

  197. Cindy says

    I wish I had this for the beach! Boy would I look so much better than I do now in one of these!

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    These would have came in handy at the beach!

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    id love this when i go to the lake it mike stop of at least control those jiggles 🙁

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    We just went on a weekend getaway at the lake, and I wish I had the Black Tankini then!

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    I love the Sleeved Tankini in navy/white 🙂

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    This would be perfect when I visit my family in southern California.

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    Would love to feel gorgeous again!Love that dress that controls the bulges.

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