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Kokopax was founded in 2004 when Sarah Spoor & her husband With four small children they began to use a vintage baby carrier that became vital to their everyday use but quickly realized that it was anything close to attractive. When Sarah went on a family vacation she came across some beautiful fabrics that later inspired Kokopax in 2007.I love how the name Kokopax came about! Here is an excerpt from their website:
~At the kitchen table, long after our babies were asleep, my husband and I thought about a company name. It came easily, from two of my favorite childhood books, Pattycake and Koko’s Kitten. I used to love monkeys and gorillas because they were the next best thing to a real baby. They also carry their babies on their backs. The “pax” play seemed logical because it sounds like “packs,” but means “peace” in Latin. We are all for peace when it comes to carrying babies. Kokopax. Established September, 2007.


So, when I found out that a Kokopax Tote was on its way to me I was super excited! The picture of this tote above does this bag no justice. It is a great quality bag!

  • includes an attachable mini-tote
  • made of 100% cotton canvas
  • durable nylon lining
  • three deep convenient pockets
  • separate zipper pocket
  • key fob
  • bottle/beverage compartment
  • dimensions: 18” x 4 ½” x 18″

I received the Garden Style Tote Bag. It is a great sized bag that in my opinion is the perfect beach, boat, or park bag! The material is a nice thick canvas that you can tell is very durable! The handles are attractive with the silver rings and rests comfortably on your arm. It has a zippered pocket inside along with 3 open pockets. It also comes with a small little matching pouch that attaches with a clip and is the perfect size for keeping things like your license, money, and keys in.
I wanted to include this picture of the inside of my bag to show you just how nice this bag is not only on the outside but on the inside as well! Every single summer I find myself having to replace last years boat bag because it just cannot handle all the thing we need to put in it. I am pleased to know that this bag will not only last for this summer, but for years to come! I have already tested it out and it easily fit 4 beach towels, sunscreen, spare clothes for both boys. It also fit my camera, basics, and a couple magazines.Want one for yourself? You can buy one directly from their website at only $79.99
Promotional code: Enter JLD2009 at check out for a 10% off discount!

Also, make sure to follow them on facebook to stay on top of their new releases and sales!

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