Handbag Heaven – High Fashion Handbags without the Price – Review & Giveaway!

I recently discovered Handbag Heaven and it is a website that stands up to its name 100%.
If you haven’t ever peeked around this website then you don’t know what you’re missing!
They have every style bag, tote, satchel, hobo, clutch, you name it! If it’s got style and its a handbag you’ll find it in Handbag Heaven!Wouldn’t this red and white polka dot burlap tote bag be perfect for your next weekend getaway or maybe used as a beach bag? At $29.95 it can be used for anything at such a practical price!

Our Large Burlap Polka Dot Tote is great for all kinds of traveling plans. Whether you are headed out for the weekend or just headed to the store, our large tote will fit your needs. The red burlap is accented with polka dot canvas pockets and solid colored handles. The large side pockets allow for easy access to smaller items like keys or phones.

The top zippered closure opens to reveal red and white gingham lining. A zippered pocket and two open top pockets are included. The flat bottom helps the tote stay upright on its own.

Large Burlap Polka Dot Tote

I absolutely love this bag! I love the woodland fairy look and the style of the polished silver metal handles make the perfect touch for this bag!Our unique Patent Print Handbag is a lovely way to celebrate the spring and summer seasons. The glossy white patent leatherette is printed with a female character surrounded in a woodland paradise. The polished silver metal handles provide a comfortable and chic way to carry this masterpiece. A detachable shoulder strap is included to convert this satchel into a shoulder bag.

The top opens to reveal tan colored fabric lining. A zippered pocket and two open top pockets are available for smaller items like cell phones and keys. The ruching along the bottom of the bag provides a comfortable feel to an otherwise sophisticated handbag.

Paradise Patent Print Handbag

So, I have to tell you this duffel bag was actually my second choice for a bag to review and I hate anything animal print what-so-ever! However, I do love giraffe’s and I think this bag was made with such great style that anyone who’s anyone has to love this giraffe print bag. I love this bag because it would make the prefect vacation bag or carry on bag for the plane. With its suitcase like capacity I could make great use out of this fashionable duffle bag.Our Giraffe Print Duffel Bag will keep you trendy all the way to the gym and home again. This giant sized duffel will hold all your gym or overnight necessities while keeping you stylish and hip. The detachable shoulder strap allows you to carry this bag across your shoulder, or in your hand.

The top zipper has a double zipper pull so you can open and close your bag from either direction. The inside is lined with chocolate brown fabric and has a removable bottom insert and one long zippered pocket. The outside includes two side zippered pockets and one zip pocket on the back of the bag. Feet are included to help keep your new bag steady.

Giraffe Print Duffel Bag

Maybe you like to keep it classic with a tan colored Circle Classic Tote! Basic enough for daily use but classy enough to bring to any event!Our Circle Classic Tote is a funky twist on a classic designer handbag. The taupe canvas outer is embellished with dark taupe circles and accented with brown leatherette details. Brass hardware and white contrasting stitching complete the modern, yet classic look. Buckle adornments are included on each handle.

The top zip closure opens to reveal color coordinating fabric lining. One zippered pocket and two open top pockets are located inside and are the perfect size for stashing your phone, keys and gum. A flat bottom helps this bag to stay upright on its own.

Circle Classic Tote

Now as you can see with my recent blog makeover I am a sucker for anything purple or plum! Handbag Heaven actually has an amazing selection or purple handbags to choose from! Once I finally chose this bag the hard decision making wasn’t even close to being over! Not only is this bag offered in light purple…but white and pale blue too! All perfect selections for spring and summer! I love {love} love this bag! I have suddenly discovered this love for accessories that I never knew I had and this is the ultimate one! I have only been using the bag for a short while but everywhere I go I have had people stop me and ask about my stunning purple hobo bag! The inside fabric is a perfect match for this bag as well! I also like that I dared to take this out on the boat me (I know what was I thinking LOL) while it never was taken off the boat my son did feel the need to stand over it and drip all over the side of it. I quickly grabbed a towel, wiped it down and it was fine! I love that it zippers closed for privacy and that the small pockets are close to the top so my camera and phone or easily accessible!

Our great Mia On-the-Go Hobo will take you from work to play with ease. This great bag dresses up your weekend jeans, or accents your black pants for the office. The pleats down the front accent the soft leatherette, while the ruching along the bottom and triangular shape lends a very modern appeal.

The top zip closure opens to reveal cute paisley print fabric lining. One zippered pocket and two open top pockets help you organize and store smaller items like your blackberry and iPod.

Mia On-the-Go Hobo
Plus, Right now Handbag Heaven is offering free ground shipping to all orders over $50, so really what are you waiting for?
*click button for details*

Plus, if you find a better deal elsewhere online – they’ll match it!
They even have a 30 day money back guarantee – if you don’t like it you can return it or exchange it! They even ship same day if ordered before 2 pm EST M-F

Oh! The giveaway part that’s right! Now, I don’t want you all crossing your fingers for this giveaway and not going over there and making a purchase! I can name 10 bags over there I still want so chances are even if you make a purchase and you win…you can now get that awesome bag you couldn’t get! How cool is that!



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    The white classic quilted bag caught my eye – I guess its because I need a new white bag for the summer.

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