Bath Luve – Keep Baby Warm & Happy At Bath Time – Review and Giveaway! {closed}

Amy Seckinger, a mom, designed what every mom has always needed! A way to keep baby from crying and being cold during bath time with a Bath Luve. Since many baby bath’s are given in a baby sized bath tub they are normally up and laying somewhat out of the water. Resulting in a cold, unhappy baby!
Now with a Bath Luve you too can keep your baby warm & happy!
They come in three different adorable characters!Bath Luve Frog & Bath Buddy Luve Frog

Plus, each Bath Luve only costs $6.99! Yes, that’s it!
With a price like that you can afford to get all three! Bath Luve Fish & Bath Buddy Luve Fish

Also, when your child is old enough to sit up, don’t stop using your Bath Luve it’s made to use the legs of the Bath Luve! Just wet and hang over the shoulders! How neat is that!
Bath Luve Duck & Bath Buddy Luve Duck
Bath Luve also has these adorable Bath Luve Buddies to go with your Bath Luve! These are great because they also have multiple uses! You can use them as cute little plush for your child, as a washcloth to wash with, or as a sponge! You just dunk the Bath Luve Buddy in the warm water then squeeze it over the Bath Luve on your child and the Bath Luve quickly becomes warm again!

I think these are adorable! I also think they are perfect for your next baby shower gift you need to come up with! I went through her checkout to see her shipping prices since her prices were so low and was excited to see that shipping was only $3.95 to ship one Bath Luve. So I added a Bath Buddy Luve to see how much it would change….it didn’t!
The Bath Luve was made with nice thick terry cloth that is 100% cotton. I love that some of the characters parts aren’t flat allowing the child to hold or play with them while in the tub.Bath Luve has given me a second one to give to you!
Want to win one?
Just make sure to pop over and still get that adorable little Bath Luve Buddy to go with it!



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  22. ~~tonya~~ says

    What a great idea and a cute shop!

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  42. ethnically ambiguous says

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