Random Thursday –

Things have been absolutely crazy around here lately. Tomorrow night is the kick of for a big consignment sale we have around here called All-4-Kids. A portion of the proceeds and a large amount of donated clothing, children’s furniture & equipment, and clothing are donated to an organization called ‘Cradles to Crayons’ a charity organization serving homeless and needy families in the Boston area, and have also served victims of hurricane Katrina.
I haven’t even begun to get all my stuff to together, tag it, and organize it. So that is how tonight will be spent since I have to drop it all off for 11:45 am tomorrow! Normally I volunteer a shift, but I this season the shifts filled up before I had a chance to sign up and now I’m on the wait list.
We are trying to get our yard in order and its a lot of work. We are surrounded by trees and this winter had some really strong winds that took a few trees down and there are small twigs and branches all over the place. We want to build our playground for the boys next weekend but we need to get the yard in order before w do that. Hubby started cutting some trees down yesterday that we concerned weren’t in good condition any more but close enough to the house to damage it. We figured after just recently losing our home to a fire we don’t need to go through all of that again because of a tree. Our neighbors had their son and wife living with them while we rebuilding our home because they had a huge tree fall on their home and it “totaled” out the house it hit it so hard!My Humira shots aren’t working the greatest these days and my psoriasis is slowly creeping back and its making me so mad! Especially since we are going into the warmer weather where we start to show more skin. I need to find out why!!! I really don’t want to have to take more shots than I already do, especially since these shots are the most painful ones I’ve been prescribed so far.

G has a new talent. A quirky one…and one I can’t do myself! At the ripe age of 2 not only can he sing his ABC’s but now suddenly he can sing them backwards. I struggle trying to figure out if he’s actually accurate since he can do it so fast and then I’m just floored that he is. He’s trying to read more lately too and wish I knew a technique that worked so I could really help him!

A big thank you to Manic Mother who got me the HTML codes to get a grab button. Also, a thank you to Connie over at Zen Design Studio who made the button (and my banner) for me!

If you’d like to add my button to your blog I’d be absolutely honored 🙂

J will be starting baseball season shortly. The majors (bigger kids that try out) already started and they haven’t even taken sign ups for the younger kids. I’m sure it will be another unorganized process as last year half the teams didn’t even have coaches. So sad. When I was preggers with G me and another mom volunteered to help when he was on Tball. Luckily she was really good because at 8 months preggers in the dead of heat I was not much help at all! Luckily the soccer season runs smoothly because that is J’s true sports love. Plus, he rocks at it. Last year he scored at least one goal every single game!

Do your kids play sports? What sport season are you gearing up for? If you don’t play sports in your home are you a big baseball watcher? I can’t seem to get into watching TV sports and luckily my hubby doesn’t either…but if I had to choose a team…


  1. TheClayMuse says

    Wow wish I could sing my abc’s backwards!
    No little ones in my home, but both my younger brothers are soccer all stars!

  2. The Pink Potpourri says

    wow! you are super busy! that consignment shop sounds awesome. my plans for saturday got cancelled, so i’m going to see if garage sale season has started yet!

  3. Susan says

    My husband has psoriasis also and he is on Enbrel…have you ever tried that? He actually has been on this for quite some time now and it has worked for him. His psoriasis actually affects his fingernails and toenails too…this has been a miracle drug for him. Because my hubby is a golf professional, golf is the only summer sport that is played around here:) We do LOVE the St Louis Cardinals baseball team though and love to watch them:)

  4. J. Leigh Designz says

    I took Enbrel shots 3x a week for 6 months sadly and they didn’t do a thing 🙁 I have tried so many things that it gets absolutely frustrating. Someday there will be a cure! For now I’ll just be the Polka Dotted Girl…

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