Random Thursday: will be moving…

Yes, This will be my last week of Random Thursday. But don’t fret. Thursday’s will now be Thursday 13. I have seen it on a few blogs and things it’s a fun little compiled list that changes each week. I’ll add my linky for it if you want to jump in and participate with me.
My randomness will still be around, it will just be on Tuesday’s now. I am going to call it Talkative Tuesday. I am going to try to figure out how to make a banner for it like Thursday 13 or Aloha Friday’s. If anyone has any suggestions on that let me know! I’d love to hear them.I have some really great reviews & giveaways coming up that I am super excited about. Want a hint for one of them:

Our Easter was great! I have some great pic I plan on showing you this weekend. Especially of their Easter Baskets….bags! So make sure to come on by and check them out!

I recently put a stat counter on my blog so I can track how many people are coming through here…did you know I had almost 1,000 unique views (unique views are counted as one person regardless of how many page views they had)yesterday? It completely blows my mind to think almost 1000 people actually want to read my blog LOL! My favorite part is going into the referrals section to see how they are coming. I love checking out the google searches. My favorite two I caught yesterday were:
chicken wing scented candle
(ckn wing recipe + candle giveaway?)
Man squirts on friend
(scared to know what this person was looking up. my only guess is when I wrote about how I called G squirt)

I went to BRU over the weekend and had a horrible experience while there. It was great to know that I emailed the company over it and received an automated response that my email was valued to them and I would here from someone in 24 hours….that was Sat. so far no comment. I guess it’s acceptable for people to have to wait in live over 30 minutes (no exaggeration) and have the staff be so rude that I just watched customers put their stuff down and walk out. All I was really looking for was knowing that’s not how a child friendly store should be run and they were sorry. Very disappointed in BRU. I will now purchase my items from Target since it’s a 4 minute walk away from BRU in the local mall. No sweat off my back!

Our swing set is up and running! I am so happy we went with the one we did. It took hubby forever and a day to build but we are very happy with our Palisades II from Home Depot (ours is similar to photo but we added on). Fair price, Quality Swing Set! If you’re in the process of looking for a wooden set I *highly* recommend looking at the Disney Sets at Home Depot. Just remember to bring your 10% off coupon with you. If you don’t have one grab a change of address form and take the Lowe’s one out of there. Home Depot accepts the Lowe’s coupon as long as it’s not expired.

Many people don’t realize it but AC Moore takes Michael’s and Jo-Ann coupons, both internet and newspaper. Michael’s take AC Moore and JoAnn’s coupons, but only newspaper ones. JoAnnes take theirs both newspaper and online.

I am considering hosting a picnic swap but wondering what everyones interest is. It would be picnic themed. Cute plates, cups, stuff like that. If you’re interested let me know and if I get a good response I’ll put more thought into it. Also, if you have an idea to put towards it I would love to hear it.


  1. The Pink Potpourri says

    wow, you have a lot going on! i’m excited about the giveaway and can’t wait to see your easter pictures!

  2. Susan says

    Looking forward to your pics…and Yes, I can believe you have a lot of vistors…your site is awesome:)

  3. ~teachmom~ says

    Jenne, I had a similiar experience w/ BRU a few yrs. ago and not been back. They didn’t care about me as a customer either, apparently. In this economy, you’d think they would be a lot more careful w/ customer service, eh?
    Though I haven’t done it in awhile (blogging has been hard to do lately), I enjoy Thursday 13. 🙂 Look forward to them!

  4. Honey Mommy says

    Hmmm… I will have to go look at swingsets from Home Depot. We could really use a new one!

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