NUBAR – Skin Essentials {The Healthy Alternative for Beautiful Skin} Aromatherapy Hand & Body Lotion Review

Are you looking for a healthy alternative for soft silky beautiful skin? Then you need to check out Nubar’s new line they are introducing! It’s called “Skin Essentials” their new signature line! It has nourishing antioxidants and is available in six great scents! All of Nubar’s Skin Essential lotions contain essential oils, vitamins A & E, and are NON-paraben.

What’s Paraben you ask, right? I did. Truthfully I had never heard of this. So I went off to google and landed on Wikipedia (Internets free encyclopedia) and got this:

“Parabens are a group of chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Parabens are effective preservatives in many types of formulas. These compounds, and their salts, are used primarily for their bacteriocidal and fungicidal properties. They can be found in shampoos, commercial moisturizers, shaving gels, personal lubricants, topical/parenteral pharmaceuticals, spray tanning solution and toothpaste. They are also used as food additives. Their efficacy as preservatives, in combination with their low cost, their long history of safe use and the unproven efficacy of natural ingredients like grapefruit seed extract (GSE), probably explains why parabens are so commonplace. They are becoming increasingly controversial, however, and some organizations which adhere to the precautionary principle object to their everyday use.”

You can go to Wikipedia and read further on how paraben was linked to both Breast Cancer AND can effect your Estrogenic levels! Kinda scary!

Thank goodness you Nubar is and always will be deeply committed to being your healthy alternative in not only skin care but nail care products as well. Not only are Nubar’s product paraben free but they are also Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Phthalate Free as well!

Nubar has six amazing lotion scents available. Which one are you?

Pomegranate Delight:
Derived from ripe, juicy, sweet pomegranate .

Derived from sensual vanilla.

Delicious Pear:
Is a blend of cucumbers, melons, and delicious ripe pear.

Vanilla Passion:
Is an exotic blend of vanilla and musk.

Exotic wild flowers with a hint of citrus.

Island Breeze:
A tropical blend with coconut and mango.

Are you a retailer? An obsessed fan? Good news for you! You can purchase their 18 piece Skin Essentials Display! This display is prepacked with three 2oz bottles in each of their six scents. Now you can share your paraben free perfectly scented lotions with all of your clients. Leaving their hands silky soft and smooth as ever.


Special Thanks to It’s a Glam Thing I was sent their Skin Essentials 6 Pack to try out.
I actually brought this into my work so we could all give them a try. I am quickly turned off by any lotions that are extremely greasy or smell too intensly. These lotions quickly absorbed and even though each of us picked a different scent the office was so overwhelmed with smell you couldn’t be in it. My favorites are Delicious Pear and Vanilla Passion. I never had a chance to try the Pomegranate Delight because my boss actually refused to give back she liked it so much!Overall, I really liked these lotions. They had a soft scent that lingered for quite a few hours. They left my hands feeling soft and silky. And I liked that the small little bottles fit conviently into my purse.

Want some?
You can purchase directly from the NUBAR website!
(When your their check out their amazing selection of nail products!)
The Skin Essentials 6 Pack is on SALE right now for $24.95 each.
All 8oz Lotions are available for $10.99 each.
All 2oz Lotions are available for $4.99 each.
The Skin Essentials Retail Display is on SALE right now for $74.95

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