Kushies: My Bag – The Ulitmate Daycare Bag – A Perfect Overnight Bag

The Kushies My Bag is a great bag to keep all your child’s belongings together and organized while at daycare or a sleepover. It has many great compartments to allow you to pack everything your child will need. Plus, the labeled bags help remind you of things that you may normally forget about!
Included in My Bag:

  • 1 insulate snack bag
  • 1 insulated medicine bag
  • 1 clean clothes bag
  • 1 dirty clothes bag
  • 1 soiled clothes bag with laundry bag insert
  • 1 spare shoe bag
  • a pillow
  • a blanket
  • a handy hook for hanging
  • cool compartments for your stuff

Now I want to mention as few things about why so many different pouches can come in handy. We’ve all had dirty clothes come home. We’ve also been there when baby had an accident up their back dirty clothes come home. Do you really want these items touching everything else in the bag? This bag allows to keep them both separate without dirtying the bag or additional clothing. The fact that the medicine and snack boxes are insulated allow you to pack cold items or items that require being refrigerated. The blanket that comes in this is not a small blanket. It’s large enough to cover your toddler completely and has a pillow they can rest their head on.

I was lucky enough to try out the My Bag Boy. When I tell you this is the nicest bag my children have ever owned I am not lying. This is a quality bag from start to finish. When I first saw that this bag cost $79.99 I was a bit thrown, but then I received that bag and saw its quality and I have to admit that what you get is worth more! I remember my old duffel bag I had in high school for cheerleading practice and it fell apart and had to be replaced often. It cost close to this price and I didn’t think twice about spending it….this bag’s quality far exceeds the quality of any other child’s bag I’ve owned. Now you think I can’t possible own many bags for my boys, right? WRONG! They each have about 5-6 bags that are suitcases, bags, totes, you name it. Some personalized, some not. Had I known of this bag earlier I would have definitely saved my money on the others and gotten this one. I love all the little compartments and bags it comes with.I really can’t tell you how nice this bag is. You must seriously consider purchasing this bag…
You can purchase it directly from www.kushies.com for $79.99
While you’re there take a peek around!
They have an amazing selection of baby products you’ll be sure to love!!!


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