Ozark Scents Home-made Candles, Soaps, and Crafts! Plus GIVEAWAY!

I recently received this very yummy smelling soy candle from Ozark Scents Home-made Candles, Soaps, & Crafts. I have to be honest it has been a very long time since I have owned or used a candle….and now I am wondering why. Ok, I know why (and my long time readers do too) but we don’t need to get into that right now. I am loving these candles. I got the Soy Blend Vanilla Sugar Cookie 8oz Candle. I have been burning it for quite a while on a couple of occasions and am impressed on how long it is lasting. I recently found out that when testing the scent of a candle you must take its lid off and smell the lid not the candle. It will not only give you the accurate scent but keep you from getting that headaches after a while. When I took off the lid I didn’t even make it that far. I could immediately smell the great aroma of sugar cookies! When then led to me making Snickerdoodles but that’s another story LOL!. This candle nailed its scent and it smelt great! I also had a small votive sized candle in “Monkey Farts” (lol, yes thats the name of the candle, gotta love it) and it had an awesome banana pineapple tropical scent to it!
The inside of the candle is very professionally made! No smearing or bubbles of any sort! Here is what my candle looked like….to bad I can’t make it scratch and sniff!

They have tons of other great scents besides Vanilla Sugar Cookie & Monkey Farts! They have Love Spell (like VS), Rain Garden, Carrot Cake, Fresh Lilac, Layered Coffee’n’ Cake, Clean Cotton, Blackberry Sage, and so many more! They even have a dye-free, scent-free candles.
They do burn a moment of black smoke when you first light the candle but it quickly goes away.
I got a moment to ask Amy over at Ozark Candles a few questions:
Who are you?
My name is Amy. I am a stay at home mom and I have to be constantly busy, so creating is a must for me!! I live in the same small Southern MO town I was born & raised in. Now, along with my husband, we are raising our 4 daughters here. I have a major love of creating things, I do not consider myself artistic at all, but I just love to make things whether it be candles, soaps, dinner, or mud pies with my kiddos! I absolutely adore nature and much of my inspiration in creating comes from nature, I love natural colors & materials. I have been making all kinds of crafts for as long as I can remember, but candles and soaps have really become my passion!! 

Hand-milled soap, super-fatted Cinnamon and Orange bar

What made you start selling candles?
Well, I started making and selling them for two reasons. One, I truly am a candleaholic and Yankee & Trapp were making a killing off of me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Two, I have been a stay-at-home Mom for a long time and basically I needed something to feed my creative desire. So, I ended up with candles coming out of my ears and I thought I would start selling. I first started selling at a couple of resale/antique shops in my town and to people I know. I later found Etsy & loved it.

What is your favorite scent?
The answer is ALL of them! I really love a little of everything, and I go through phases I guess. I will be stuck on one for a while and then go to another for a while. The season also plays a role in what I like. Lately, I’ve been burning a lot of citrus & floral scented candlesโ€ฆI am ready for Spring!!


Ozark Scents Gift Basket–Candles and Soap

Anything you’d like to share?
I just want to say Thank you to all my lovely customers and other people who I have met through Etsy and blogging. It has been such a pleasure to work & talk with you all. There are so many very talented people on Etsy who I admire and who inspire me. I enjoy you all!!

Other sites:
I have recently started blogging, my sister helps me out with it too, we do features & giveaways & have recipes, & natural living tips. My blog is http://ozarkscents.blogspot.com I also started doing Twitterโ€ฆactually just a couple of weeks agoโ€ฆI go by ozarkscents there

Doesn’t that gift basket look fantastic? I know it would make a hit as a gift for Mother’s Day!


Guess what? They are going to give one of my readers a chance to try them out too! You will receive an 8 oz Honeysuckle & Jasmine candle & 1 bar Mint Refresher soap. Doesn’t that soap look just so good! I can only imagine how great it smells! If its anything like their candles it will smell great!!!


***Sorry only eligible to US & Canda***

If you would like to be considered for an upcoming feature/review please contact me by email which you can find in my profile. PR Friendly. Thanks!


  1. Tj and Amy says

    the HONEYSUCKLE JASMINE- Soy Blend- 16oz mason jar candle. sounds great. amsbolda@hotmail.com

  2. Tj and Amy says
  3. Chris says

    I think the MEDITERRANEAN FIG 8 ounce soy blend candle sounds amazing!


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  5. peg42 says

    My favorite would be the Gardinia scented one. Thanks so much.

  6. peg42 says

    I became a follower.
    Thanks again.

  7. Happy Camper says

    My favorite scent would be the honeysuckle. It brings back a lot of childhood memories.

  8. Cascia says

    I love anything vanilla scented. Those products look absolutely wonderful! Good luck with your giveaway.

  9. rockymountain_brown says

    honeysuckle looks awesome!

  10. Chris says

    Following Ozark Scents!


  11. Valerie says

    4 Pumpkin spice Soy blend Tarts
    kawaiiNeko2008 at aol dot com

  12. Anonymous says

    Blueberry muffin I could smell it now.

  13. Anonymous says

    I followed and tweeted.


    pumpkin spice

  15. Anonymous says

    I follow and tweeted.

  16. Vicky H. says

    The Cappuccino Hazelnut’s my fave.


  17. mar says

    Orange Ginger is my favorite scent in her shop!

  18. Tammy says

    Gardenia would be my favorite scent.

  19. Tammy says

    followed on twitter and tweeted

  20. chromiumman says

    Orange Ginger sounds great

  21. jackie1501@frontiernet.net says

    Mmmm pumpkin spice

  22. Treasia says

    I would love to try the Fresh Lilacs scent. Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway.

  23. Treasia says

    I follow on twitter and tweeted here: http://twitter.com/TTruckerswife

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  25. lsfish says

    Amber Romance

  26. Anonymous says

    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    I think the German Chocolate Cake sounds awesome!

  27. Karen says

    We’ll go with Blueberry Muffin, thanks for the contest.

  28. deedleweedle says

    I’d love to try the Cappuccino Hazelnut scent.

  29. Anonymous says

    Vanilla scent

  30. Allen McLeod says



  31. Summer says

    Cappuccino Hazelnut? YUM! This shop is so great!
    goodnessisinnate AT gmail DOT com

  32. clynsg says

    I prefer the lavender scents, so will go with Lavender Fields.

    clynsg at yahoo.com

  33. clynsg says

    I follow your blog.

    clynsg at yahoo.com

  34. byrheea says

    Your blog is so sweet and lovely.

    Thanks for the tip on testing a candle.. I’d always smell directly from the candle and the scent is usually too strong. Now I know better. haha.

    Opps.. I’m not eligible for the giveaway. Good luck anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚


  35. TheClayMuse says

    Gardinia.. it’s alwyas been my fave candle scent…
    And I’m already a follower of your wonderful blog!
    majikalfae at yahoo dot com

  36. JJ says

    I know the holidays have come and gone but Jack Frost & Christmas Berry sounds so nice to me! Maybe it's the weather…

  37. Stephanie says

    Vanilla Cream looks like it smells so good.

    lesjoujou AT gmail DOT com

  38. cdziuba says

    I love this candle: Lavender Fields- SoY BlenD- 8 oz candle jar, so my choice is Lavender.

  39. cdziuba says


  40. cdziuba says

    I follow Ozark Scents.

  41. Beth says

    I like coffee, so the Midnight Mocha sounds lovely!

  42. malleycc says

    I love the VANILLA CREAM 8 oz. soy blend candle jar. Sounds divine.

  43. Jo says

    Gardenia would be my fav.

  44. Chelsey says

    Buttered Rum and Vanilla sound yummy! Thanks for the giveaway. mybabyappleseed(at)yahoo(dot)ca

  45. janehixon says

    Lavender Fields……

  46. Maria says

    BROWN SUGAR and FIG- sounds yummy!

  47. naturegirl says

    Creme Brulee is my favorite scent.

  48. js22 says

    ooh Gardenia is my favorite, so nice and sweet!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Tina12312 says

    The Honeysuckle Jasmine sounds wonderful to me! Thank you!

  50. beth says

    The honeysuckle jasmine sounds fantastic!
    Thank you!

  51. Anonymous says

    Fresh Lilacs is my favorite scent
    Cathy Truman

  52. Aleda says

    Celtic Moonspice sounds like a wonderful scent – very cozy

  53. llinda29 says

    MIDNIGHT MOCHA 8 oz. soy blend candle jar is my choice

  54. bFlat says

    I love the Vanilla Cream!

    lensimpressions AT gmail DOT com

  55. CAmom04 says

    I’d love to try the new scent – Coconut Cream Easter Egg – doesn’t that sound divine? At least once or twice a week I like to take a hot bubble bath in my candlit-only bathroom (I turn on the radio softly to drown the noise of my four kids outside the door! LOL) This would be heavenly to win! Thank you!

  56. pcb says

    lemon verbena is a scent I adore…

  57. mrssquigg says

    I’d love to try Monkey Farts and Farmers Market.

    mrssquigg at comcast dot net

  58. Condo Blues says

    I want to know what the combination of Pomegranate Fig Cedar smells like. Bet it’s yummy!

  59. gkstratos says

    Amber Romance

  60. gkstratos says
  61. cherriblossom25 says

    My fave scent would be Orchids.


  62. Lisa says

    I’d like to try the Little Black Dress.

  63. janetfaye says

    Lavender Fields is my favorite scent.

    Thank You!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  64. Carol Rene' says

    What a absolutely Wonder-fulled giveaway for Springtime! With so many truly DREAMY scents in the “Ozark Scents Candle Shop” to choose from. I am having a very hard time picking a favorite! The Honeysuckle Jasmine Soy blend sounds so divine! Both flowers brings back magical memories of my childhood as we hunted for Easter eggs in my Father’s Garden! What a truly amazing ETSY Shop!

  65. Carol Rene' says

    I just started to FOLLOW your delightful Blog!!!

  66. Carol Rene' says

    I FOLLOW The “Ozark Scents Blog”!

  67. delaney55 says

    The Amish Quilt scent sounds interesting.

    delaney55 @ myway.com

  68. ktgonyea says

    Love the Ozark scents.

    ktgonyea at gmail.com

  69. Maigan Lynn says

    I cannot decide….i went through the shop, hearted it as well and these are my favorites!

    Baked Apple…love the smell of apples!
    Monkey Farts – it made me laugh!
    and Carrot Cake – I have that soft spot in my heart (and tummy!) for carrot cake!

  70. Gina (Caleeo) says

    The Jasmine & Tea Leaf-Green sounds wonderful.

  71. Gina (Caleeo) says

    I am now following your blog.

  72. Gina (Caleeo) says

    I am now following the Ozark Scents blog

  73. Alyssa says

    The LEMON VERBENA sounds delicious!

    alyssa_hammond7 at yahoo dot com

  74. Anonymous says

    I like the Vanilla Cream.


  75. Jess V. says

    The coconut egg easter candle sounds delicious.

  76. Shanda says

    Cool Citrus Basil is my favorite!

  77. Manic Mother says

    Apple pie….mmmm

  78. morethananumber says

    BIRTHDAY CAKE candle sounds nice! (I could have a birthday everyday!)


  79. Trish says

    I have to say that the monkey farts sounds great! I love anything tropical scented. Cool stuff!!

  80. Trish says

    I am now a follower of your fab blog!! Btw, let me know if you figure out that whole scratch and sniff thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  81. Sarah Z says

    I bet Blackberry Sage and Jasmine and Tea Leaf smell yummy!
    believedreamcourage (at) gmail.com

  82. windycindy says

    They have a myriad of wonderful scents! One I especially like is the
    “Celtic Moonspice!”
    Many thanks…..Cindi

  83. windycindy says

    I am a fan/follower of your blog!
    Thanks, Cindi

  84. windycindy says

    Also, I follow the Ozark Scents Blog! Again, many thanks.

  85. windycindy says

    I also follow you on Twitter and tweeted this giveaway! http://twitter.com/cmh512/status/
    Thanks, Cindi

  86. andrea v says

    AMISH QUILT 8 oz. soy blend candle jar sounds really good

  87. Bev McArthur says

    Hey i think the Lavender & Chamomile sound very nice

  88. Karin says

    Fresh Lilacs— sounds wonderful! There’s nothing like the scent of lilacs blooming in the spring!

  89. Dave says

    Cinnamon Sticks is my scent of choice. Thank you for the fun give-away.

  90. Becky says

    I would love to try the Honeysuckle. Well there were about 15 other scents I would love to try as well LOL but this is my favorite.

    Thanks so much!

    dbkagrayson2002 at gmail dot com

  91. Becky says

    I became a follower of your blog!

    dbkagrayson2002 at gmail dot com

  92. Becky says

    I became a follower of her blog!

    dbkagrayson2002 at gmail dot com

  93. Twincere says

    I think the vanilla sugar cookie scent sounds nice!


  94. susan1215 says

    Vanilla Cream sounds nice

  95. Five O'Clock Somewhere says

    Vanilla Cream sounds delicious!


  96. Nickolay says

    I am all about the Blueberry Muffin candle


  97. playswithclay says
  98. Renee G says

    I’d love to try the new coconut cream easter egg scent.


  99. bohemiangypsy says

    My favorite scents would be the honeysuckle jasmine and the lavender fields scents. I also love patchouli, but she has it mixed with raspberry, and I am unsure if I would like that. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  100. Eliza says

    I’d love to try the German Chocolate Cake scent. It must be amazing!

    My e-mail: fairy_lizz@hotmail.com

  101. Eliza says

    I’m a follower! ๐Ÿ˜€


  102. Eliza says

    I’m a follower of her blog, also.


  103. King J's Queen says

    It would be almost impossible to narrow it down to just one favorite. Since I have to list just one, though, I think that would be Midnight Mocha. Mmmm…

  104. Anya says

    The Amish Quilt scent makes me curious. Thanks for the chance.

  105. MaddyRu says

    Monkey Farts-just for the name!

  106. furygirl3132 says

    The Lemon Verbena sounds really nice, it’s so hard t pick just one favorite scent when they all sound good! Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!


  107. furygirl3132 says

    I’m also following your blog.


  108. furygirl3132 says

    I am also following you on Twitter (furygirl3132) and I tweeted: http://twitter.com/furygirl3132/status/1439113348


  109. Beth says

    I like the floral scent

  110. FatalisFortuna says

    Little Black Dress sounds exceptional. ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. WiJoyMom says

    cranberry chutney & so many others sound delightful, priscillawallace at sbcglobal dot net

  112. WiJoyMom says

    follow ozarkscents, priscillawallace at sbcglobal dot net

  113. Katherine says

    MMM, little black dress sounds really good.

  114. trishden says

    I love the CINNAMON and CLOVE scent. Thanks for a great giveaway!

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    I’m a blog follower. Thanks! trishden

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    I became a follower of Amy’s Ozark Scents blog. Thanks! trishden

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    I’m a twitter follower and I tweeted here:


  118. Meaghan F. says

    Coconut Cream Easter Egg sounds really good! I’m really excited about honeysuckle too. We used to have honeysuckle plants near my church and they always smelled so delightful.

  119. Christy says

    The Monkey Farts- Soy Blend- 16oz mason jar candle is so cute with such a fun name! LOL..




  120. ginnn7 says

    Clean Cotton sounds great thanks

  121. Christy says
  122. Christy says

    I twittered about this giveaway. Twitter Name: moncammy


  123. Hoosier Homemade says

    Oh Wow! I think the Amish Quilt looks good.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. Hoosier Homemade says

    I’m excited to be a new follower!

  125. Hoosier Homemade says

    I am a follower on Ozark Scents.

  126. Hoosier Homemade says

    I tweeted and I’m following you and Ozark Scents.

  127. msrodeobrat says

    the Amber Romance sounds good

  128. Kiara says

    My favorite scent would be the Csfe Latte 8 oz soy blend jar candle.

  129. She Became A Butterfly says

    birthday cake scent!

    pookielocks at ymail dot com

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    following your blog!

    pookielocks at ymail dot com

  131. She Became A Butterfly says

    following her blog!

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    following on twitter and tweeted!


    pookielocks at ymail dot com

  134. Debbie Criss says

    Fresh lilac always smells good. We have a lilac bush. Love to open the windows and let the fragance flow in. Please enter me, thank you

  135. mogrill says

    Monkey Farts sounds great!! LOL. Thanks for the chance!!


  136. Marianna says

    The mint refresher bar sounds really nice!~

  137. Sarah says

    Honeysuckle jasmine sounds heavenly.

  138. Janna @ Feed Your Pig says

    I am interested in hwo the MOnkey Farts smells!!

    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  139. mindy says

    gardenia thanks for the giveaway

  140. Anonymous says

    Although monkey farts sounds intriguing I’m afraid I’m not that brave!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!
    I would like to try blueberry muffins.

  141. Lou says

    I would like to see what the Monkey Farts is like,unusual name but catchy ๐Ÿ™‚ Wonderful contest!

  142. Cynthya says

    My favorite is MEDITERRANEAN FIG

  143. Anonymous says

    What alot of wonderful scents to choose from, I’m going with the Coconut-Lime Verbena I love tropical scents!
    Lori barnes

  144. Anonymous says

    I am a new subscriber
    Lori Barnes

  145. Sue says

    I’d love Pumpkin Spice. Thanks for sharing.

  146. Tamara B. says

    I like the scent PEACHES n CREAM

  147. Melissa says

    Oatmeal Cookie Crunch sounds fabulous!

  148. Just Another SAHM says

    Monkey Farts for the name alone…that cracks me up.
    Actually I'd love the Midnight Mocha & Lemon Verbana. I love the smell of coffee & lemons (not together – seperately. lol)
    Thanks for the giveaway opp!

  149. 5webs says

    The Milk Honey Oatmeal scent (in one of her soaps).
    Alicia Webster

  150. Guitar Guy says

    I like the birthday cake scent

  151. Stefanie says

    Hi, I like the clean cotton scent best. I like the clean cotton candle and the lavender and chamomile goat’s milk soap as well. Thanks and blessings, Stefanie Hartman fhartman@frontiernet.net

  152. Mae B says

    orange ginger sounds nice and spicy

  153. BOJESNE says


  154. Tintel says

    Cucumber Melon…MMmmmmm

    Love, Tintel

  155. cdmtx says

    only one i can pick ? lol ๐Ÿ™‚ there are so many that sound great ! Jasmine and Tea Leaf sounds great but i want to know more about “Monkey Farts” … i am cracking up here ๐Ÿ™‚


  156. auntrene says

    I would love the Lavender Fields or the Clean Cotton, hmmm they all sound like they would smell lovely. Thanks!

  157. LeeLee's Thoughts says

    I think that I would be interested in the Coconut Cream Easter Egg Scent. I will have to log back into the Etsy site and maybe do some buying of my own. There is nothing like tons of candles burning and all of the wonderful scents melding together.

  158. LeeLee's Thoughts says

    I follow you.

  159. LeeLee's Thoughts says

    I follow you on Twitter @leeleesthoughts

  160. LeeLee's Thoughts says

    Just thought that I would let you know that the link that you have placed on your giveaway rules for the blog site for the candles is broken and does not work.

  161. shelley says

    I love the honeysuckle jasmine soy is my favorite.

  162. Alison says

    mmm… Lavender Fields

  163. yyeres says

    my favorite is the CAFE LATTE. yyeres(at)gmail(dot)com

  164. BlueNostalgia says

    Following! Yea!


  165. Joy says

    Lavender and chamomile sounds lovely. Great giveaway!

  166. Joy says

    I’m now following Ozarkscents’ blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  167. Deb K says

    Oh~there is such a great selection but I have to say that my favorite is~Monkey farts! ๐Ÿ™‚

  168. cvdmvega says

    I’m up for lavendar and chammomile…just imagining it makes me relaxe.
    Thank you
    CArol Jo

  169. cdrury says

    Orange Ginger FOR ME

  170. Crystal P says

    My favorite right now is the banana nut bread… but there are so many good ones that it’s bound to change hourly!

  171. Melissa says

    I’d love to try Stawberry Shortcake, it sounds delicious! Thanks for the giveaway!

  172. Melissa says

    I follow Ozark Scents

  173. Keitha says

    honey almond bar for me!

    keithadanielle at yahoo dot com

  174. Jennifer says

    I love Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea scent and I see they have it!!

    jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

  175. Karen A. says

    The Honeysuckle Jasmine scent would be my first choice. But then Monkey Farts would be a great gift for a certain someone in my family..lol.

  176. Karen A. says

    The Honeysuckle Jasmine scent would be my first choice. But then Monkey Farts would be a great gift for a certain someone in my family..lol.

  177. Dina says

    Love the BROWN SUGAR and FIG.



  179. Joy says

    I left my entry a way up, but I’m also following your blog now. ๐Ÿ™‚
    joyuna at gmail dot com

  180. Danielle a.k.a Yellie says

    Ooooohhhh, PATCHOULI RASPBERRY sounds awesome!

  181. sillelin says

    Clean Cotton

  182. LaRuefromtheBlue says

    i’m on twitter.com/laruefromtheblu and i’m following you.

    yum. blackberry sage!!

  183. Anonymous says

    Midnight mocha!

  184. Cindy B. of Montana says

    I would love Fresh Lilacs or Orange Ginger!

  185. Cindy B. of Montana says

    I follow you on Twitter and tweeted.


    profile is at http://twitter.com/sendtocindy

  186. Melissa says

    Jasmine and Tea Leaf sounds like i smells really nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ (melissa710891@hotmail.com)

  187. Jaimy says

    Brown Sugar and Fig ^^


  188. Anonymous says

    Yumm, Coconut cream Easter Egg, seems like it smells good enough to eat.

  189. oceansidecreations says

    The bakery scent sampler is my favorite.

  190. oceansidecreations says

    I follow your blog

  191. Skybluefusion says

    Nana’s Kitchen scent sounds really good.

    bleuteam at gmail dot com

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    Following Ozark Scents blog

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  197. Ashley says

    Lemon Verbana would be my favorite.

  198. Bonnie S. says

    I think Black Raspberry Vanilla would be my favorite.

  199. Halifax says

    I like the Angel Wings scent


  200. Halifax says

    I followed and tweeted http://twitter.com/juan_hurrican/status/1538146041


  201. Vivien says

    My favorite scent is the brown sugar and fig!


  202. Devon says

    Pink sugar!!!

  203. my7kids says

    My favorite scent would probably be the Vanilla Sugar Cookie soy candle.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    jesus_iscomin at yahoo dot com
    My7kids Recycled Yarns
    HeartFeltFun Accessory Boutique
    Fluff4Ewe Fiber and Handspuns
    Rossoaps Handmade Goat’s Milk Soaps

  204. Peggy says

    I would love to try the Fresh Lilacs,sounds lovely!

  205. alexandrea says

    The rose bud candle sounds like it would smell great but I must admit the honeysuckle and jasmine candle is probably just as great!

  206. Peggy says


  207. Peggy says


  208. happishopr says

    Honeysuckle Jasmine sounds lovely. trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  209. Nana says

    Yummmmmmmm, Coconut Cream Easter Egg sounds wonderful!


  210. terri142 says


  211. ktanjatk says

    I like Jasmine & Tea Leaf-Green tea leaf

  212. Tylerpants says

    Mango Mandarin sounds wonderful!

  213. Kaycee @ fitforachild.net says

    The Lemon Verbena sounds fantastic and the Grapefruit Tomato Leaf sounds so enticing!!

    fitforachild at gmail dot com

  214. Kaycee @ fitforachild.net says

    I’m a follower!

    fitforachild at gmail dot com

  215. Anonymous says

    I’m all about the Fresh Linens.


  216. Julie D'Arcy says

    Hi! There were so many scents listed there, it was so difficult to decide, but I find myself intrigued by the “Leather” scent. I think that sounds fabulous!

  217. trixpixel says

    My fave scent is Clean Cotton, sounds very fresh!

  218. Anonymous says



  219. SeahorseLady says

    I love Soy Candles. Mediterranean Fig is my favorite.
    Thank you for the nice giveaway.

  220. trw21680 says

    Oooooo. coconut cream. I love anything and everything that smells like coconut.

  221. Jammie says

    fresh linen or the baby powder

  222. yellowlabs says

    Mango Papaya sounds fantastic!

  223. Anam says

    Fresh Lilac! I miss the smell..no Lilacs in the desert.

  224. Alice says

    My favorite is fresh lilacs.

  225. Alice says

    I follow your blog.

  226. latishajean says

    I love vanilla cream one of my favorite scents!

  227. latishajean says

    I subscribed!

  228. djgroz says

    Love Rose Buds

  229. Algebra Teacher says

    I think the honeysuckle jasmine would be my favorite. My email can be found at my blog – http://grocerysavingsforrealfamilies.blogspot.com. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  230. Algebra Teacher says

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  231. spookyone23 says

    honeysuckle jasmine sounds great

  232. Gabriel J. says

    I like the German Chocolate Cake scent.

  233. Ariela says

    She has a very impressive scent list! I wish I could have a scratch and sniff screen! I would have to say my favorite would be either Love Spell or Clean Cotton.


  234. Ariela says

    I follow this blog


  235. Anonymous says

    Monkey Farts? Hilarious! Has to be the most unique candle scent in the world!


  236. lmurley2000 says

    i love the vanilla sugar cookie. thanks

  237. AllyKatt says

    Birthday Cake is my favorite scent!
    She makes wonderful candles! Especially the ones in jars!

    espressogurl at hotmail dot com

  238. Beverley says

    CINNAMON and CLOVE (BBWtype)

  239. bfox74 says

    I LOVE Honeysuckle, so I guess Honeysuckle-Jasmine would be my choice.

  240. EDRing says

    I would love to try the Forbidden Fantasy scent.


  241. Angela says

    I’m thinking baked apple pie.

  242. baggypants says

    The Carrot Cake scent sounds heavenly!!


  243. Mimi the kitten says

    I love Nana’s Kitchen.

  244. cpullum says

    BLACKBERRY SAGE 8 oz. soy blend candle jar!!!

  245. Darcy says

    The Coconut Cream Easter Egg scent sounds wonderful!

    Thank you for the nice giveaway!

  246. Darcy says

    I follow Ozark Scents!

  247. Darcy says

    I follow your blog now too! Thank you.

  248. susitravl says

    mmmmm..Midnight Mocha

  249. Mommykat007 says

    There are so many to choose from and I am sure I would love them all. I know I would love the COCONUT LIME VERBENA. Also the Clean Cotton sounds great too!

    Thanks for the chance!

  250. Mommykat007 says

    I’m a follower!

    Thanks for the chance!

  251. Mommykat007 says

    I’m a follower of her blog!

  252. Erma says

    I would love the chance to win, thanks.

  253. boobles2 says

    I think I would love the Gardenia, it is one of my favorite scents.

  254. pms3237 says

    Brown sugar & fig sounds good to me!

  255. Nanette says

    The pumpkin spice sounds wonderful.

  256. jayne says

    monkey farts! lol

  257. purango says

    Honeysuckle Jasmine is my favorite scent. garrettsambo@aol.com

  258. Sweepentrys says

    VANILLA CREAM- SOY- 8oz candle jar is my fav candle scent there! mmm vanilla.

  259. Kristi says

    I loved her site, All the candles sound scrumptious!! I was interested in the Patchouli Raspberry, it sounds wonderful, I love candles, I burn them all the time!!

  260. tlcfromtn says

    I think I’d like the Fresh Lilacs scent.

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  261. Schlauberger says

    monkey farts (lol)

    blanch682000 at yahoo dot com

  262. Anonymous says

    Lavendar Fields!

    Thanks as always!
    Thomas Johnson

  263. liliesrnice says

    i would pick either honeysucklw jasmine or rosebuds. maybe both!

  264. Joyce says

    Definitely gardenia.
    joycejacobs602 at yahoo dot com

  265. GabbyLowe says

    I love pumpkin spice


  266. THEDOGLADY says


  267. grannyvon says

    I love the Vanilla Creme Scent. ybutler@oppcatv.com

  268. Cassie M says

    My favorite scent from her shop is Sand & Sea Spray!

  269. LT says

    My favorite would be ORANGE GINGER

  270. Anonymous says

    Orange Ginger..

  271. Heather says

    My favorite is MIDNIGHT MOCHA

  272. Heather says

    Folowing you: heathergf

  273. Heather says
  274. Heather says
  275. Heather says
  276. barbara says

    honeysuckle sounds wonderful!

  277. rlgrady says

    Orange Ginger. Thanks!

  278. imaclutz89 says

    I like the Chocolate covered cherries scent.

  279. imaclutz89 says

    follower on her blog.

  280. imaclutz89 says

    follower on twitter and tweeted.


  281. Gianna says

    I love the PEACHES n CREAM- SOY BLEND- 16oz square mason jar candle ๐Ÿ™‚

  282. masonsgranny59 says

    I HEART the honeysuckle:)

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